Sunday, 5 September 2010

Forgive me Blogland for I have sinned....

it's been 30 days since my last post.......

there has been no crafting but lots of fun and games with the kids during the school holidays.

Here's just a quick overview of what we've been up to

Days out
Days in
Days with friends
Days with family
Busy days
Lazy days
Pyjama days
Shopping days

we had a fabulous week in Wales and whilst the East of England had gales and rain, the Gower coastline was bathed in sunshine, not quite all week but more sunshine than rain. It was sooo cold when we came home I had to get my winter jumper on and woolly fluffy socks!!!We had an action packed week and after the first day the kids said it was the best holiday they'd ever had!!!
The horse-riding was amazing we rode up into the mountains down onto the beach and into the woods, my pony, Roger, was a lovely pony but a little on the plump side so need extra effect on my part to get him to trot, and by the end of the day my legs had turned to jelly and I thought that I might end up in a heap on the floor when I got off. Rachel and Jack loved this experience and we would all definitely go again. The picture with the sheep (bottom right hand corner) show the view from the mountain and is Three Cliffs the beach we rode on. My only disppointment was that I couldn't take photos and ride at the same time as the views were breathtaking and I would to wake up to them everyday!!!
We had days on the beach both at Oxwich and Cefn Seidan, where we played in the sand, buried the kids and swam.
Castles are a must if you visit Wales and we love Kidwelly Castle so went back for another visit.
The kids also went on the longest toboggan ride at Pembrey Country Park and next time I definitely having a go!!!
We also got the chance to sample some delicious ice-cream and Paul had the chance to remenise about his childhood days when we visited Contis in Lampeter, a real old fashioned ice-cream parlour and we think that it's the same man working there as used to serve Paul when he was a boy too!
For Jack I think one of the highlights was the rugby game on Friday night, although it wasn't his team, (he's a big Ospreys fan) the new Parc y Scarlets stadium impressive and the Scarlets won their friendly against Exeter, we had second seats and I had the chance to take some action shots, even Tompom did well and kept shouting out "TRY" all the time.
To say we were all shattered after our week away is an understatement and my mountain of washing was huge but you can't get better than when your kids tell you what a great time they've had and it's going to take some beating next year I can tell you.
Well it's back to school big time this week and I'm hoping to catch up on some jobs around the house, I also have lots of reading to do with all your lovely blogs and I promise not to leave it so long between blogs from now on...
Right I'm off to repent my blogging sins.............


  1. so pleased to hear you had such a great holiday.
    welcome back,
    joy xx

  2. i too have had a jam packed summer & blogging went out the window so dont worry, glad to hear you had a great holiday, I love the Gower, went to 3 cliffs bay a few years back, a stunning coastline & great pics x

  3. Haha, glad to hearyour sinning is over:)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time:)

    Lovely creating memories for your children, they never forget, as we havent with our childhood memories:)
    Michelle x


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