Saturday, 5 November 2011

Autumn Swap Goodies

I'm a bit behind with all my blog posts from last month so I'm going to try and catch up over the next few days..... Last month the lovely Lisa from Kandipandi and I were partnered in the Autumn/Halloween Swap organised by Bluberry Heart, both Lisa and I chose Autumn as our theme and this is what I received....
A wonderful handmade Autumn card

A stunning beaded bracelet
some dangly beaded earrings
A mini jar of buttons
Autumn Fruit Candles
A delicious bar of Galaxy chocolate
This beautifully made tree applique bag
A leaf design zippered pouch
A knitted poppy  - Lisa kindly donated £3 to the Bristish Legion too
A handmade felt leaf brooch

wooden buttons with a floral design
a leaf design keyring
All my wonderful Autumn goodies together

Lisa thoroughly spoilt me with all this lovely Autumn goodness didn't she so it just leaves to say a BIG thank you to Lisa for being such a wonderful swap partner and to Blueberry Heart for organising such a great swap.
I completely forgot to photograph what I made and sent to Lisa but if you would like to see them then they are here on Lisa's blog. 
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  1. Thanks so glad you liked your bits and bobs, I enjoyed putting bits together for this swap, now I'm on with the Advent swap and I'm feeling all Christmassy.
    Kandi x

  2. Items look fab.
    I think swaps are a great idea- I haven't taken part in one yet- know of any I can still join up to??


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