Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cupcake Swap Goodies

This is another of my catch up posts and is another wonderful swap reveal...
I was fortunate to be partnered with Sue over at crafts@home for the Cupcake Swap and this is what she sent me.
Goodies wrapped in cupcake paper

This was what was inside what to take a closer look?
a cupcake zippered pouch with tiny  glass cupcake

how cute is that!
Cupcake Bunting

A close up of the Cupcake Bunting

a felt cupcake in a silicon case

Cupcake card
Cupcake covered notebook

Cupcake cases and edible toppers

Cupcake tissues
I was thrilled with what I received from Sue, everything so well made and packaged beautifully, thanks Sue for making another swap a pleasure, and again like the last swap in my rush to send off my parcel (read late) I forgot to photograph what I sent, but this time I wasn't the only one Sue forgot to take any pictures of what she sent me so if you would like to take a peak then pop over to Sue's blog.
Sue and I have also been partnered for The Advent Swap so although I might not be able to show you all what I am working on at the moment I shall be busy crafting in the background!!!
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  1. Lovely swap items. I was so sorted on the advent swap as my partner is abut to have 2nd baby any day now and we wanted it to be done before she gave birth so she had no need to worry about getting it sent with toddler and newborn. Xx

  2. What a lot of loveliness you received, and in your Autumn swap too.


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