Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Back in the saddle and a question?????

Okay so I've given myself a kick up the proverbial no more moping around waiting for Spring, I'm just going to have to accept this dreary old cold weather pull on another jumper and get on with it!!!
Mmmm as you can tell by my absence and my opening sentence the last few weeks have been a bit Bleurghhh!!! But now I'm ready to get back into crafting, blogging and my photography.
I have been lurking in the background, reading all your wonderful posts and even commenting on some but just haven't felt like writing anything myself and then I found the longer I left it the harder it became to write anything, now I don't want this post to be all dreary like the weather so I'm not going to dwell on what I haven't done but I do need to ask you a question about swap etiquette.....

We all love taking part in swaps and I am always amazed at the generosity and talents of my swap partners and we all agree how lovely it is to receive a beautifully wrapped parcel in the post..... 


Is it okay to pass on something that you have received as a swap gift onto someone else who you know would love it even more than you do?

I'm not talking about passing something handmade off as your own or doing the aged auntie thing of giving back the present you received last year but how would you feel if you saw one of the smaller gifts that you had given to someone as part of swap being received by someone else as part of their swap parcel. 
Would you be offended or would you think of it as recycling????

I'd love to know what you all think about this so please feel free to leave a comment.

This passing on of gifts has reminded me of a comment made to me once by a friend in the school playground (not known for her tact or diplomacy!!!)
"I've a really ugly brooch at home I think would suit you" ????? it was a good job I knew her!!!


  1. I assume that you're talking about the gifts that I sent to you in the craft box swap? If so, I have no problem with what you do with them. However, I personally wouldn't pass on something I'd received as a gift as I know that some people would be offended. I don't know if that answers your question though. Lol! Please let me know when you post. The box on.

  2. Hi lynda, thanks for your comment, opps sorry no it wasn't anything that was in the gift bag I loved it all, it is from a swap from last year. It's just that one of my present swap partners mentioned liking something from the same designer and as I haven't used the item yet I just wondered if it could be passed on,I hope that makes sense.???
    I shall be blogging about the travelling craft box later and will let you know once I have posted it on. Thanks Tracy xx

  3. I have the opposite opinion. I am a big on regifting. especially when there is craft stuff I have been sent because I wont use it or even some hand made things that just are not my thing. I would be happy to think they can jump around the bloggy swaps until they find an owner who will really like them. I do it with christmas and birthday gifts, I I do not like them or will use them then they go in the gift box. The only thing is you need a good memory so you don't give something back to the person you gave it to.

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  5. Hello. We all try hard in sawaps to get for our partner the things they would love- but sometimes i think we do get or give things that other person or yourself don't really need or like, in my case i already had it my self. So than i think it is ok- if you know that it would make some one happy.
    But in the end of the Day You do what You think is right for yourself and no one can tell you of about that.

  6. Thanks Saphy, I love the term regifting!!!!

  7. Lovely to read a post from you, I know what you mean about the bleurgh weather - roll on Spring! I've been lucky with my swaps and have loved everything I received, but I wouldn't be offended if one of my partner's passed on a gift if they knew the next recipient would love it. x

    1. Hi Twinkle Star thanks for your comment - i say roll on Spring too!!!

  8. I think it's perfectly ok to recycle or pass on something that you're either not too fond of or don't need/like, and you've asked what most of us were probrably thinking!! As Saphy said just don't give it back to who sent you it. Hope nobody is offended by this and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that's mine! lol, Lucey x

  9. I personally wouldn't be offended if something I had given to someone was passed onto another, as I know it can often be hard to buy gifts for individuals, after all we are all very different even if we are very similar (if that makes sense.) I have received many things in the past not from swaps but from family members, who you would think would know you better, I cannot stand them, I have been known in the past to re-gift. I would rather something was used and loved than sat there being unloved at the back of a cupboard or the bottom of a bin.

    I also would not be offended in receiving a gift that I know has been re-gifted. I guess it really depends on individual opinions really but at the end of the day you can only do what you think it the right thing to do, and no one else has any right to judge you for it really (although they usually do but that is just tuff luck as far as I am concerned):) x x x x

  10. I don't have a problem with it either but probably would draw the line at giving away something that someone had actually made for me.
    Welcome back, by the way, and remember that spring is just around the corner!


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on my blog and I will try to answer as many as I can. thanks Tracy

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