Monday, 16 April 2012

Back to School or NOT as the case may be......

Today the kids went back to school well I thought they did anyhow!!! 
The older two definitely were and they were suited, booted and ready to be dropped off by 8am but I had the urge just to check to make sure the Tomas' pre-school actually went back today and boy was it a good job I checked! Apparently due to a funding mix up we aren't actually back until next week, yes that's right next week!!! Poor old Tomas was so upset this morning as he was looking forward to going back to pre-school so we had a few tears and a loud stamp of the foot....
With that in mind and all my best laid plans for this week gone out of the window this is what we have been up to, this morning we enjoyed tidying up, which I have to say he is a dab hand at (when he wants to that is), 
he played out in the garden with Daddy and Barney
 until he fell over over and hurt his hand on the shingle and came in crying! 
This afternoon was more leisurely and bit of TV and colouring in whilst I cracked on with some ironing. 
Then once the older two were home it was back out in the garden to play with Barney again. We are trying to teach Barney how to catch rats as last week we saw, on quite a few occasions, an old rat sitting happily in the middle of the gardens, we have spent days trying to look for him again only to find that he had already been exterminated by our next door neighbour!!! I'm sure he's not the only rat in the garden as being surrounded by farmers fields and with chickens, birds and dogs in ours and our neighbours gardens they are a regular occurrence which means Barney has to do his thing! So there has been lots of throwing balls behind sheds, under shed and showing Barney the rat holes not entirely sure it's going to work though...

Tomorrow if the weather is fine Tomas and I will be off to visit our old toddler group then chips for lunch to be eaten in the park and a chance to play with a friend....

Finally I haven't forgotten the Pay It Forward and thank you so much to those of you that have entered, especially my new followers I shall being putting all the names in a bowl tomorrow and picking out the three lucky winners, so there is still a little time to enter if you haven't already.....

Right that's me signing off for tonight I'm off to read my book Possession by Peter James a rather chilling thriller but I just can't put it down!!


  1. Sounds like fun times! Rats?? Ew... Get a big cat to teach Barney how do it it! Janelle

  2. Hello :0) How fortunate that you checked, I must admit I did once take the children to their primary school when there was a teacher training day, silly me!

    Rats to the rats! x

  3. Looks like you and Tomas are having a great time, nice that he wanted to go to school too!
    Rats - YUK! We have a problem with those too as there are chickens and ducks in the garden two houses down from me!
    Julie xxxx

  4. How annoying!Still its good he enjoys pre school so much! Sophie is the same with nursery she points to her shoes and the door in the morning!!


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