Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter.....

Hi everyone I hope that you are all enjoying the Easter break, I'm sorry that I've not been around much but I seem to have lost my blogging voice just recently although I have been keeping up with all your goings on and have even been whispering a little on some of your blogs! No reason for my quietness other than not having much to say (for those of you that know me personally will find that statement shocking I know!) although I have managed to keep the creative juices flowing.
I'm not sure if it was the combination of lovely weather, birthdays and crafting that seemed to make March fly past so quickly but what I do know is that it would be too much to write about in one post so I think I'll break it down into a few posts. Wouldn't it be lovely just to stop time for a bit whilst I catch up!!!!

So first up is Birthdays, I turned 42 at the beginning of March and received some lovely flowers,
 a new set of brightly coloured crochet hooks (no photo I'm afraid I will have to make a crochet roll for myself and show you then!), a silicone cover for my DSLR
 (a must if like me your camera comes everywhere with you and is never in a bag these silicone covers just make all those knocks and bumps less of a problem!),
 a very practical present of a new ipad charger (with the kids using mine for their ipods they don't seem to last very long)and some delicious Lindt chocolates. I had a wonderful day with my little family.

Tomas was invited to a birthday party in March and the little girl in question likes Tom and Jerry, good old Ebay came to the rescue when I found some vintage Tom and Jerry fabric squares with I teamed with some spotty dotty fabric, cross stitched her name for the centre square to make a personalised drawstring bag....

The biggest birthday celebration of the month had to be Tomas' 4th birthday, 
he received a Fireman Sam bike and helmet
 which he could hardly see under all those balloons and has been whizzing around the patio ever since shouting "Emergency, Emergency".
He also had a little party with a few of his friends at a local soft play centre, and my friend Barbara made him a fantastic caterpillar cake and creepy crawlie cupcakes for all his friends!!!

Barbara has just started out with a new venture making cakes and cupcakes which look and taste delicious, she also needed someone to take photographs of her creations for her portfolio over on facebook and I was only to willing to help!!! Check out more of her scrumptious looking cakes over at Cakes by Barbara Jane.

So that's the birthday blog written and posted I think it will be Pay It Forward gifts tomorrow and there will be another chance for you to take part and receive some handmade goodies made by moi!!!


  1. Hello Tracy, pleased that you and Tomas enjoyed your birthdays, the cupcakes look absolutely fabulous - I'm so pleased I dont have a friend like that - I would eat far too many and be enormous!
    Joy xx

  2. Hi Tracy, happy belated birthday wishes to you and Tomas. I like the idea of the camera case - it's just the sort of thing I need. Please will you let me know where you got it from? Thanks.

  3. Happy Easter Tracy. What wonderful cakes, I shall certainly pop over to check those out on fb x

  4. Birthday greetings coming your way, glad you both had good ones. Love the photo of the flower. I'm still trying to perfect that lovely depth depth of field. Any tips would be welcome.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday and Easter. The cupcakes look delicious and Tomas looks very happy with his new bike!


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