Friday, 9 November 2012

a cracker swap update...

The lovely Amanda from Crafty in the Med saw our Cracker Swap and kindly asked if she could be included, of course I said YES!!  
So I have added a link to her blog on the partner list page, Welcome aboard Amanda...(very fitting saying as Amanda is off to meet a friend today who has sailed into Alicante on her cruise holiday!!)

O! that reminds me I must set up the flickr page so we can all see your wonderful crackers and their contents......

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  1. Hello Tracy,
    Thanks you for your comments on my latest post and also the shout out here. I've had a really smashing day with my friends from Lincolnshire and it was great to get a full update on things going on back home in Blighty.

    Now I can sit back and start thinking about my cracker contents.

    keep well



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