Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Bouquet Swap

Thanks for all your lovely comments on the bag I made for Andrea, in this post I will show you what Andrea sent to me as part of the Spring Bouquet Swap organised by Betty the Wood Fairy.
Pretty packages....

Cute cotton coasters

in spring colours....

A very pretty potholder, this is far too pretty to use as a pot holder and will be put on display in my workroom.

A close up of the pretty centrepiece.

Creative cards ready to use for pen pals and swaps.

Easter ribbons and a bit of CK writing paper.

All of my wonderful goodies together.

Another glimpse of my coasters, which andrea has assured me wash up beautifully and therefore I can put my mug if tea on them!

For those of you that haven't been over to Andrea's blog yet here is a close up of her gorgeous work. How pretty is that edging!

I've really enjoyed this swap and the wonderful goodies that Andrea sent me, teamed with the fact that spring is just around the corner (please Mother Nature!) my days are much brighter!! Thank you to Andrea for being a brilliant swap partner and to Betty the Wood Fairy for organising another excellent swap!

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  1. What a lovely idea... I did my first crocheting over the summer. I must give it another go..... (I've a lot to learn!) :)

  2. What a great swap package love the coasters so pretty x

  3. This makes me want to crochet again! Gorgeous

  4. wow what beautiful gift you got. love love the coasters!

  5. Lovely things, especially the coasters in such pretty colours.

  6. What lovely goodies - thanks for joining the swap. Betty

  7. Love your swap goodies - those coasters are such beautiful colours and the potholder is far too nice to use I agree!


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