Monday, 29 April 2013

It takes two......

Thank you for all your lovely comments about Tomas' first day at school, sorry I haven't had time to reply. I do love reading your comments so keep 'em coming!
With a change of school has come those rushing around jobs of buying forgotten bits and prices needed for the new term. Swimming is on the agenda during the summer and because the pool is outdoors the children need a towelling robe to wear from the classroom to the pool and back again. But it would seem we all like snugly warm fleece dressing gowns for our children and I was struggling to find a towelling one anywhere. After a day of searching and not finding anything suitable I decided that I would have to make one so I bought two beach towels, nice a light weight but soft and snuggly.

I searched the Internet to see if there were any tutorials and find one that sort of described what I needed to do but it was a little vague in places??? I wanted to make it nice and simple so it was basically rectangles for everything. I used a fleece dressing gown as a size guide and got cutting. I wanted the stripes to match so used one towel for the back and the other for the fronts. The sleeves are exactly the same too, slightly anal I know but I cant help it! The collar and the front facings were the most vague on the tutorial and I think if I made another one then I would adapt these a little but the finished robe was quite a triumph I think!

Tomas seemed to like it and it did a great job keeping him warm and drying him off on his walk across the school grounds. The kit needed for swimming also meant that a bog standard swimming bag was going to be too small so after choosing some fab tropical fish fabric I made a personalised extra large swimming bag too. I arrived at school this afternoon to one delighted if not tired little boy who had thoroughly enjoyed his swimming lesson and whose swimming bag was almost as big as he was!

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  1. I would want the sleeves to match too. you have made a lovely job of it, and clever idea using towels and the swimming bag is great, I wish I had been more in to making things when my son was little. x

  2. Lucky Tomas having such a clever Mummy. Beautiful robe and really lovely swimming bag. Well done Tracy.x

  3. Well done, Tracy! Who says one can't sew for boys?!

  4. I can perfectly understand that of course the stripes HAVE to match. The robe and the bag both look great, well done.
    I didn't tackle anything that demanding when mine were younger, but I did make us all some towelling tents for changing on the beach, just basically tubes with drawstrings at the top for round the neck, and length down to the ankles, they made changing from wet stuff to dry stuff a whole lot easier.
    Joy xx

  5. Hi Tracy! What a great robe you have made and bag! Bet you had lots of mums asking you to make their children one. Am just catching up on all the posts and blogs as I had to have a little blogging break. Can't wait to see what everyones been up to....good job I have a few spare hours! Karen x

  6. They look great, and I really like the towelling robe! I am finding it difficult enough to find a towelling robe for myself (one that I can afford!!)so you have given me a good idea, thanks!! At least if I make one for myself, it won't matter that it is rubbish or not matching, as no one will see it!! LOL xx


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