Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dress Making

Today was my first day at my dress making group, I blogged about it here. I was not as organised as I would like to have been, (I'm blaming the holidays and getting back into the school routine) and I couldn't quite remember the times, but I had a rough idea. So at 10.45 this morning I nicely packed (okay threw) some patterns and some fabric in a bag and pootled off to Bickancre village where the the classes are held. Phew! I had got the time right and the rest of the group were just arriving too.
There were 7 of us today, although normally there are a few more so its a nice size group. I'm not sure I will have remembered everyones name but I am getting there!
The ladies in the group made me feel really welcome as I made myself at home at my table.
Some of the ladies are finishing garments off from last term and some (me included) are starting something new. After lots of introductions and a bit of catching up it was time to get started. Jean, the lady who runs the group, came round and we discussed my pattern choices and fabrics. I've decided to make a skirt, using a pattern that I bought a couple of years ago and it's never even been out of the packet, and I'm using some fabric that I originally bought to make a maxi dress, heaven knows when I would have worn a maxi dress but I love the fabric and am hoping that I will learn to love wearing skirts!

After taking some of my measurements and working out a plan of action with Jean I started getting busy with my scissors and cut out my pattern. I'm between sizes (14-16) so we opted for a 16 and will adjust it to get the right fit.

There were lots of different things going on in the group pattern cutting, pattern adjusting and garment adjusting to name but a few. I'm definitely looking forward to learning lots of new skills as although I had made clothes before I do believe Jean will be showing me new skills and getting rid of any bad habits. In between all this busy-ness there was time for coffee and a slice of delicious homemade cake. Nom! Nom!
I'm really looking forward to next week and I have some preparation to do before then, namely washing my fabric in the bath and organising some lining for my skirt. I hoping for a bright breezy day this weekend so I can get the fabric dry. I will be wielding the scissors again at next weeks meeting and cutting out my pieces!
I'm also looking forward to posting my progress as I know I have been a bit absent on here lately. I was going to post some of our holiday activities but as we are already well into September I thought I would just start from today and try to make a bit more time for posting and I rally don't want to start each post with an apology!! (so I've quietly added the apology to the end instead)

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  1. So you're saying that you're washing the fabric before you cut out? I've never thought to do that, but it makes sense (just in case of shrinkage?).
    Looking forward to watching your progress, I used to make all my own clothes from age 16 until mid-twenties, and even made shorts and shirts for my older two boys, and both my wedding dresses, but haven't made anything recently, and probably have loads of bad habits! Really looking forward to watching your progress. Joy xx

    1. oh yes joy we're doing everything properly, no shortcuts allowed, i'm actually quite excited about washing my fabric in the bath!!!

  2. I love the fabric you've chosen. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I once joined a sewing group and never finished the dress before the classes finished. Needless to say I will never fit in it now so it's in a box in my wardrobe, tut tut. Can't wait to read more.
    Ali x

    1. hi Ali, luckily this is an ongoing group so no excuses for not getting things finished and i think it's frowned upon to turn up each week at the same point so definitely no slacking for me!!!

  3. Some would say bad habits, others would say short cuts!!

    1. I like your thinking Jean!!! I think I might have a few too many short cuts though!!!

  4. Sounds the sort of class I need to go to.
    How are you since our coffee - I have sent you a few emails since then
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. I like the look if the material you have decided to use. I like making skirts so I shall enjoy seeing how you get on. I have posted my skirts on my blo if you want to take a look . Use the search box or the archive in the margin as you might like the pattern I used.
    Best of luck.

  6. I haven't done dressmaking since O level at school!! Good luck and looking forward to seeing your progress...may even look up a class myself and give it a go!! :)


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