Monday, 16 September 2013

The perfect day...

After a wet and windy weekend this morning turned out to be the perfect day for washing my fabrics ready for dressmaking group on Wednesday.
The fabric is folded
Then submerged.
 And rolled
 And then repeated for the next fabric.
 I found out from Jean that this roses is an older fabric as it's only 36" wide and the way to test if it is cotton is  to find a loose thread and try to break it, if it's hard to break then it's cotton and if it breaks easily then it's probably a mixed fabric. (I hope I have that right???)
 I picked this fabric up at the charity shop last year and I'm hoping to make this top from it.
 Today was also the perfect day to try out my bargain washing line, my old one broke and as much as I like shopping I didn't want to spend nearly £90 on a new one so Paul found this one on ebay for £4.99. Bargain!!!!

The day didn't stay sunny for long but I did manage to get the fabrics dry and now they just need ironing. 


  1. Dear Tracy
    Looking forward to seeing the top you make. Hope it all goes well.
    Best wishes

  2. Love the blue fabric ! have a great time x

  3. I recognise that roses fabric but can't quite place it yet. I'll let you know. It'll make a lovely top and I love the pattern you've chosen. I so love the big print - it would look lovely made up as the dress in the pattern.Great choices.

  4. The fabric looks lovely. I test by burning.....Cut a snip of fabric and set light to it. Doesn't need to be more and thumbnail size. If it curls up is it man-made if it falls into ash it it natural.
    Julie xxxxx


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