Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Let The Sunshine In...

We have definitely been letting the sunshine in this weekend. I can't believe how much blue skies and sunshine can lift the spirit. I'd really lost my photography mojo these past few months and I really didn't think there was anything to photograph in the garden but a half hour wander round the garden and I found these beauties.

These remind me of pinwheels

The shadows cast by the sun made a welcome change.

Apart from getting reacquainted with my camera I have spent the weekend tidying my workroom (it really needed it - again!!) and as a family we have enjoyed spending time in the garden. 
I think Tomas was out there all day today, 

sunglasses were the order of the day!
digging for treasure, 

bouncing on the trampoline, playing hockey, rugby and rounders and zooming about in his go-kart. 
Meanwhile I enjoyed a spot of gardening, well just collecting fallen branches and twigs and thinking about what I would like to do in the garden this year. 

The bigger boys stayed in to watch the rugby but unfortunately it wasn't to be and Wales lost against England. 
I really feel that spring is really on it's way and although it is a bit grey today I realise that the sun is there waiting to pop out and shine for us again.


  1. It has been such a beautiful few days, as you say it really lifts the spirits. x

  2. Surprising what a bit of sunshine does for us all,

  3. Its been sunny here since Saturday but today has been quite cold
    Julie xxxxx

  4. What gorgeous photos Tracy! Sunday was beautiful! I was in your neck of the woods. We headed to Papermill Lock again for a gorgeous walk! It was really busy but we had a lovely slice of cake!x

  5. Isn't it just amazing Tracy? Everything's much better when the sun's shining ...

    Happy belated birthday, my lovely! And yes I have to agree with you ... only the best people are born in March!

    Love Claire xx

  6. Sunday was a glorious day...we through open the french doors and I had my first washing drying on the line. Gorgeous photo's and a lovely post! Sarah xo

  7. Beautiful daffodils! Your garden must be looking very pretty. It was so nice to get outside at the weekend and to see the children out playing around our village. Best wishes, Pj x

  8. Happy Birthday! Gorgeous spring flowers and yay for seeing the lovely sun!


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