Sunday, 23 March 2014

It's Time to Party!

So today was Tomas' birthday party, we headed off to a local soft play centre where the children let off some steam for an hour, then it was time for lunch

and cake,

followed by a game of ten pin bowling.

I haven't made a birthday cake for a couple of years and thought I would give it a go again. Tomas asked for Scooby Doo, Minion, James Bond and Heartbeat (a 60's police tv programme for those that don't know) on his cake. So after a lot of internet searching and a bit of head scratching this is what I came up with.

This kitchen bore the brunt if my creativity!

As we were finishing off the party with a game of ten pin bowling I thought I would theme the party bags around this so I bought some ten pin bowling fabric and made some party bags ( I've been informed they make wonderful sunglasses cases too - what a brilliant idea!)

Inside I popped a personalised kitkat, I found these wrappers on eBay

so it was just a case of cutting them out and replacing the wrappers on the kitkats. I gave each child a ten pin bowling medal with the winner of each lane getting a little trophy. There was of course an extra trophy for the birthday boy!

I think all the children had a wonderful time, I know Tomas did. Needless to say we are all completely shattered so an early night is in order. X


  1. What a lucky lad to have such a talented Mum!

    Hope he had a great day.


  2. This would have been Sophie;s ideal birthday party too. Love the little touches of the Kitkat wrappers and medals.

  3. Looks like you had the most wonderful day
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Happy Birthday to Tomas. Love the cake! Best wishes, Pj x

  5. Glad you all had a lovely day! The party bags are great, as is the cake....very imaginative!! Bet it tasted good too :)

  6. The cake looked amazing and great party bags! Glad he had a good day. Sarah xo


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