Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Le Tour de France

Yesterday we were lucky enough to see Le Tour de France as is passed through the Essex countryside. 
We had road side seats as a friends house was on the route through Chelmsford and had organised a BBQ for around 60 friends and family.
With the main route roads closed we took to the back lanes and I was amazed at how many people were making their way to watch, some walking, lots on bikes and many like us in cars trying to get as close as we could before parking up and walking the rest of the way. 
   The children had lots of fun on the bouncy castle before La Caravane Publicitaire arrived.
Boy, did they go through fast!!!

There was lots of waving and cheering as the different sponsors passed through the village throwing sweets and freebies out to the crowds.

The Haribo cars were a bit hit!

There was then a long wait before the actual cyclists would be arriving so we all went back inside for a BBQ and some delicious food.

All the while we were keeping an eye on the TV to see how far away the peleton was and before we knew it, it was time to get back outside to watch the main event.
The first sign of any action was the arrival of five helicopters zigzagging they way towards us and then "they" arrived.....

and although they weren't travelling as fast at La Caravane Publicitaire 

the cyclists whizzed past within a matter of seconds!!!

19 seconds to be precise!

As soon as it was all over we raced inside to watch ourselves on TV, cheering as we saw ourselves, we were very lucky that we were actually on as apparently the adverts in between the race were very long and lots of villages missed out.

A super fun day all round.


  1. Yes, those adverts were a complete nonsense! I love those character cars - the Fruit Shoot one is hilarious! Glad you had 'front row seats', though Tracy and that you spotted yourselves on tv! Well done. x

  2. I watched it on TV while doing the ironing. Missed the house I used to live in in Birds Green, and missed Theydon Bois, where my mum lives, completely, due to the wretched adverts. I didn't see you Tracy, are you sure you were there? x x x

  3. Wow you got some great photos there, we went up to Dartmoor last year and couldn't get near :( Mick didn't think many people would turn out for it!!!!!!! What is it with men - or is it just mine lol. xx

  4. You did have a good view :)

    The boys watched the finish on the Mall with their Dad - thoroughly enjoyed it :)

  5. Looks like you had a really good view of the proceedings, I bet it was fun to watch, and be part of the atmosphere, it reminds me of when we went to see the Olympic torch runners, lots of build up there too...and just a short glimpse of the actual torch! Suexxx


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