Thursday, 11 September 2014

My Little Street Urchin

On Wednesday Tomas' school held a Victorian day where all the children, staff and parent helpers dressed in victorian clothes and met Florence Nightingale. Looking at all the things that Tomas made he had a whale of a time. 
Here he is dressed as a street urchin complete with dirty face.

and here are my favourite makes of the day, a victorian birthday card painted by Tomas and a gold locket with a picture of his Dad and a lock of hair! For those of you that have seen photos of Paul he has a number one haircut all over and is ginger so I'm not entirely sure whose hair that is!!!


  1. Why pretend, Tracy? We all know Tomas's face is always that dirty. He's still as gorgeous as ever. Joy x x x

  2. Such a cutie, and so fun! Happy weekend to you & your little urchin too :-)

  3. Brilliant Tracy!!! He looks just like Oliver Twist ! Great photos!!

    keep well

    Amanda x


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