Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend, the weather hasn't been that great here in Essex so not much venturing outside has been done but today there was a small glimpse of blue skies which meant we could have our Easter egg hunt in the garden. I seem to have become a "last minute mum" as I hadn't really decided on what sort of hunt to do. I had three Easter eggs and a couple of packets of mini jelly eggs to play with and two teens and a seven year old to please!
 I had a quick look on Pinterest and found a cute Easter bunny template that I could make into a basket. I made some smaller ones for the jelly eggs 

and three medium sized ones for the sweets that came with the eggs 

and three big ones for the golden eggs themselves. 

Luckily I had some leftover scrap booking paper in my workroom that was fairly spring like so I used that. I very nearly ran out of ink with the printer but a purple sharpie pen came up trumps in adding bunny noses and whiskers!

Tomas used the basket he had made at Hyde Hall earlier in the week to collect the mini jelly eggs and I added each of the children's initials to the medium and big eggs so that it was fair. 

Tomas was off like a shot around the garden looking for the hidden baskets

 and very soon all the baskets and the treats had been found.

It didn't take Jack long to devour his chocolates and Tomas wasn't too keen on sharing out the jelly eggs but we all had some fun and as Rachel said 

"You're never too old for an Easter 
Egg Hunt"

Not bad for a "last minute mum"!


  1. I agree with Rachel! All looks like lots of fun, well done Mum :-)
    Happy Easter xx

  2. It looks like they all had fun. Well done 'last minute mum!'

  3. Looks like great fun Tracy, I did laugh at Rachel's photos on Facebook, bless her. I have to agree though, you are never too old for an Easter Egg hunt, although try telling that to James, I didn't even get an Easter Egg this year (not even 1!) I don't think he is taking this marraige malarkey at all seriously if you ask my opinion haha x x x x


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