Monday, 27 April 2015

Operation Craft Room

Oh my, where did the last three weeks go!!
Anyone else feel like time is whizzing by too fast?
Just a quick post to say that work is finally underway on my new craft room (aka the garage). I'm currently using hubby's bird room as my sewing room but he now needs it back so today we decided to start emptying the garage, listing the big things on eBay and taking the rubbish to the tip.

I'm really looking forward to recording our progress on "Operation Craft Room"


  1. Good luck! What happened to your other sewing room, have I missed something?

  2. Ooh, go you! A big job, but so worth it x Sue C

  3. Looking forward to watching progress x x x

  4. Good luck with it, looking forward to seeing the progress
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx


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