Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Advent Day 8

Advent Day 8 -Carol Concert at the Cathedral
Joining in with Julie's Scrapbook Advent Calendar

Tonight was Tomas' school Carol concert, which was held in Chelmsford Cathedral, the evening was spent listening to some wonderful singing, some very loud organ playing and a lot of miming from me! I just can't sing that high!

Day 8 of Brenda's Restoring the Joy of Christmas is all about smiling. I love this one as my favourite saying is
"If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours ". Try it, it really does work.
Some things that have made me smile recently have been :-
Seeing our garden squirrel sitting on top of our driveway gates as if waiting to welcome me home!

A lovely chat I had today with a lady in Tesco's car park about my little brown mini clubman.

And finding a needlework stand for free on a local selling
page, although this find was also a time to reflect on how grateful I am for good health as the young woman that gave me the stand was having to give up cross stitch as she is gradually losing her sight. Makes you think!


  1. What a lovely idea about the smile sharing! I hope that you have a smile today, but if not, accept one with hugs from me! xx

    1. thank you for giving one of your smiles and with a hug too, and yes mince pies are the best!!


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