Monday, 14 December 2015

Essex Blogger Meet Up

Last Saturday evening I headed into Chelmsford for an Essex Blogger Meet Up organised by Gem over at Gem's Country Life Dream

This was my first blogger meet so I wasn't sure what to expect, everyone was meeting outside Lush, which was our first stop of the evening. 

The staff at Lush were really welcoming and we started the evening of with a demonstration of some of their new lines and gift box sets. 

Then it was time for all of us to have a go at making a Bah Humbug bubble Bar
This was definitely a lot harder than it looked and I take my hat off to the Lush staff that make these, I'm hoping that the benefits of the bubble bar will be the same despite their appearance.  

There was even time for a bit of late night shopping, it was lovely to be able to wander around the store looking at all the amazing goodies and quite a few fell into my basket!

Finally we were put into pairs and and learnt how to give a relaxing arm and hand massage using some of the Lush massage bars. 
Thank you to the staff at Lush for a fun evening.

We finished off our evening at Bar and Beyond (the old Chicago's), now I haven't been out in Chelmsford for a long time and got a lot of stick at home for going to a nightclub at my age!!!
The interior is very trendy with the walls covered in graffiti and it has a industrial feel to it with the fittings and the quirky way your food is served in mess tins and yours soft drinks in tin cans. 
The staff were really friendly and the food delicious although it did feel strange eating whilst people were dancing and enjoying their night out. 
You can see some photos over on Gem's blog as unfortunately my phoned ran out of battery shortly after we arrived. 
We left as the night was just beginning for most and the place was full of a real mix of ages but my clubbing days are over and I don't think I could cope with the morning after!

It was lovely to meet some fellow Essex bloggers and to see what goes on on a blogger meet up.
Thank you to Gem for organising such a fun evening!
Now where did I put my slippers......


  1. Great post Tracy, thank you for coming along, it was a really lovely evening. I must admit as soon as I got home I crashed onto the sofa in my pj's haha I reckon the next meet up needs to be a day time affair x x x

  2. Glad you had a good time! Meeting bloggers is so much fun isn't it! xx

  3. Sounds like you had a fun evening
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. 3 lovely posts ....all so lovely..oh but the staircase just is so cute! Have a safe journey and oh what fun , have a magical time.xx

  5. What a lovely evening you had - such fun and meeting like-minded folk too


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