Wednesday, 20 April 2016

It's Oh So Quiet........

I've just realised that this blog title could mean two different things, it was supposed to mean that the house is so quiet today for the first time in nearly four weeks as Tomas has gone back to school after a long Easter break but it could also represent my silence over the past four weeks as well.
I never seem to be able to keep up with my blog reading and posting during the holidays and despite this break being a truly relaxing one there still hasn't been much time for sewing and blogging. 
So what have we been up to then?
There have been lazy mornings (and afternoons), days out and days in, mooching and pottering and generally just...well being. We have managed to do quite a bit of gardening, tackling some of the unruly parts of the garden. Tomas has been a super helper, carrying bucket after bucket of branches, twigs and leaves down to the bonfire which he enjoys just as much as his Dad and older brother. What is it about boys and fires or is it just my boys? Although I have to say I do love a good burn up too. 
Fast forward to yesterday and despite knowing four weeks ago I needed to sew labels into Tomas' new hat and blazer I still only remembered at 10pm last night! Please tell me it's not just me who does that? 
Do you think us crafty types are the same as when you have a builder in the family, we do everyone else jobs and never get round to our own.
Today I have enjoyed playing with fabric and a couple of hours sewing. I also had two fabric parcels drop through the letterbox which is always a great way to get your creative juices flowing. I recently read a blog post about how to buy fabric (not that I need any help in that department) and it was saying about thinking about your purchases and only buying what you need (so you don't end up with huge stash -oops too late for me!) and making sure the fabrics matched or could be matched with what you already have. As you can see my first delivery was a rather eclectic mix! The only fabric I did NEED in this pile was the flamingo fabric and I did buy a bit more than I needed. The others were just because....

The second fabric delivery was more in keeping with what the blogger was talking about. 
These were bought to make an apron as part of a swap. 

Are you good when it comes to fabric and yarn or are you like me and find it a bit of a struggle not to add a few more FQ's (or metres) into your shopping basket? 


  1. I try to be good and I don't think I have added any fabric to my stash this year at all. I haven't used a lot either though. Stationery on the other hand is my downfall.
    BTW, it's not just you. I often have to do things last minute.

  2. I had to buy some fabric........ I wanted to make something special, I had the backing the wadding (batting) some fabric for the top but not what I actually needed!
    I seem to leave things to the last minute too!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. I'm on a buying strike, I really want to use up some of what I have before buying anymore.
    I loved the bunting you made for Marnie, it was beautiful. I was so chuffed when I spotted it and she said she had ordered it from you x x x

    1. Hi Gem,
      I tried that last year but instead of using what I had I just didn’t make many things.

      Thank you, it was lovely to make something so pretty and Marnie is such a lovely name, I hear the christening went well.

  4. Oh my - you're just like me....there's ALWAYS some fabric, floss or bits and bobs I can't live without whenever I go into a craft store.

    1. We are helping to keep them in business aren’t we Kim!


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