Monday, 9 January 2017

Send A Little Love Swap Partners

Does anyone else seem to have a problem with comment notifications? It seems that when some of you comment I get an email notification but on others I don't. I've double checked my settings and tried googling but I haven't got very far so I do apologise if I haven't replied to your comment, but now I know there is a problem I will be checking each blog post to make sure I don't miss anything. 
Anyhow, I'm sorry I didn't post the swap partners yesterday, I'm still not back into a proper routine yet as Master Madaboutbags isn't back in school until tomorrow and with our new feline addition I've been a little busy enjoying kitty cuddles and I also needed to be on the main computer to add the links as it's much quicker. So here are the partners for the Send A Little Love Swap

Kimberley and Montse V (email)

Linny(email) and Maggie

Kimberley and Maggie I will email you shortly with the details of your swap partner. 
Here is a quick recap of the swap

The idea of this swap is to send 5 things to include :
Some sewing or yarny notions that have a love theme
Something heart shaped or themed
Something deliciously edible
Something handmade
Something red 
If I have missed anyone, or forgotten anything please let me know and any questions or problems just ask. 


  1. Thanks Tracy. Couldn't be happier. Hope Kitty-Cat settles in quickly. x

  2. Yes I do, some come into my email and some doesn't like you I double check.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. I didn't receive your mail but Kimberley sent me and e-mail.

  4. Thank you :-)
    Just checked my email, nothing there yet, will check again later as i'm at work at the moment.

  5. I didn´t receive your mail but Ellie sent me and email

  6. Thanks Tracy. I've left a message for Sally, on Yorkshire Sewist site. PAT X

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I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on my blog and I will try to answer as many as I can. thanks Tracy

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