Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Where does the time go!!!!

Why is it that you blog and then you think, oh i'll blog again, but you don't because you think you don't have enough to say and then when you eventually get round to blogging (mainly because my blog has been mentioned on clare's blog - and it spurred me on as people might be looking at my blog) you have sooooo much to say it's more like a novel than a blog!!!!

well that's my blog today!!!

it's not really a TODAY blog more like a LAST WEEK OR SO blog

so here goes what i have been up to.....

Just before the easter holidays (i know that's more than a week ago but i did warn you!!) one of the LSA's at my children's school ask me to make her a beach bag for her holiday, not a bad request i hear you ask BUT this was on wednesday and she was going away on the Saturday!!! here are some pictures of her bag after it had been on holiday and washed i think it fared pretty well!

Then as most of you know i took part in the misi name swap, i think Vickie from Spiderpixie and Vickies Beads has been busy with her new blowtorch making lampwork beads but here is a picture of the Spider cushion i made for her

By now it's half term and the kids are off school, so not much chance for any sewing for my shop but i get round to making my daughter's outfits for her drama production (the orange charity shop dress is for The Wiz and the brown pinny for Annie. (it's supposed to be creased and i then used it as a duster on the garden table to give it that authentic grubby look!) For more details about the show and for tickets visit Tomorrow's Talent

and a pirate flag for my eldest mad about Pirates of the Carribean son.

Finally the lovely weather arrived and the kids got out the garden sprinkler and had a whale of a time we put up our pool on Saturday and even i went in for a dip on Monday (no pictures of that - thank god!!!)

Now the kids are back in school and hopefully there will be some time for some handbag sewing!!!

The End


  1. That is a fantastic blog post - I really enjoyed it!
    Impressed that you remembered everything you'd been up to - I usually forget the next day.

    And I LOVE the spider cushion you made for Vickie, it really is brilliant!

  2. i know what you mean the days all roll into one so probably best not ask me which day was which!!!!

  3. ohh i forgot to say thanks for the comment about the spider cushion i was really pleased with the way it came out!!

  4. i love that spider cushion, it is fab!!! lovely pics of the kids too. looks like you been busy with costumes too xx

  5. Hiya
    just catching up on everything.I do love my spider cushion I did mention on misi that I had it and loved it :o). It belongs next to me on my settee hehe kids are not allowed near it. I must go and see if Amy got hers from me I had to send it twice :o( damned royal mail.

    Vickie xx


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