Monday, 15 February 2010

Life's like that....

full of ups and downs....
i've purposefully haven't written my blog for the past few weeks has i have been feeling a bit sorry for myself and have lost my creative mojo and felt that all i would be doing was moaning about all the things i haven't done, wished i could do and maybe would never do!! - and then tonight I commented on this fact on a forum post over at Misi and the lovely Mo from MornieGjewellery replied with words of wisdom which have proved very true....
"Go on Tracy have a good old moan it's great for the Mojo, and you know your Misi friends will be sympathetic and help if they can. Sometimes it focuses the mind when you commit it to paper and you can see where the problem is. You know how difficult it is physically to give yourself a boot up the bum, metaphorically it can be just as hard and someone has to help."
as i started writing i found myself answering my own questions and telling myself where i was going wrong and all the good things that I am doing at the moment rather than dwelling on the negative and before i knew it i had given myself the proverbial kick up the bum and it didn't hurt a bit!!! So a big thank you Mo i feel so much better.
I've also been reading some of your posts over the last few days and my gripes and moans are rather minor in comparison so i am going to be grateful for what i have got, what i am doing now and will look forward to what i can do in the future
P.S if you find my mojo can you be gentle with him and slowly but gently guide him home!!!


  1. You're probably tired. I think we all under estimate how much the Christmas period takes out of us and the lead up to it with all the extra crafting etc.Plus, low light levels in Winter play havoc with our moods sometimes...they certainly effect me.
    Hope you're back to your bubbly self very soon!

  2. I feel the same! Getting out in the garden actually lifted me quite a lot last week and I can't wait for Spring now! I'm glad you are doing the flower swap. Maybe that will help your mojo a little bit!!


  4. It is that time of year I think. No mans land is what it feels like. I can't wait for the spring. It is showing some signs though.
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Rachael XX

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