Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's Day

I hope all you Dad's out there had a lovely Father's Day today...ours was a little strange as Jack was away this weekend on an adventure trip with the school down to Bradwell. I think he was exhausted from all the sailing, crabbing, bike riding and games so much so that he was in bed and fast asleep by half past five!!! So I think our Father's day giving will continue over to tomorrow. I don't know about you but I find it harder and harder to think of gifts for Father's Day but I knew that I wanted something from all three children and found just what I was looking for over at Emroyjewels. Emma at Emroyjewels was fantastic as I only gave her about six days to custom make and send this to me in time and even asked her to add some extra writing on the back too. It says Father's Day 2010. She kept me posted every step of the way and it arrived in plenty of time. So thank you Emma.
We also enjoyed these lovely cupcakes made by Amanda over at Bassetts Farm Bakes, they were delicious we will definitely be back for more!!! I know that everyone is wrapped up in football fever but we much prefer the oval ball in this house and Amanda kindly obliged with rugby themed cupcakes. They were even hand delivered too!!! Thanks Amanda.
The kids made these super posters and cards for their Dad cutting out photos of their faces and sticking them onto the bodies of others. Rachel was Dot Cotton from Eastenders!!, Jack was Gareth Edwards - a fantastic Welsh rugby player from the 1970's!!! and Tompom made a football (i did think about trimming the sides to make it more oval shaped!!! but decided to leave it as it was) themed card at mother and toddler group last week. We even had one of Paul,who bears an uncanny resemblance to Phil Mitchell from Eastenders, as Phil Mitchell. I would post a picture but I think Paul might have something to say about that!!!!
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  1. Wow! It sounds like a really great Fathers day, lovely gifts :)

  2. What a lovely present! Sounds like you had a good weekend - those cupcakes look yummy! Hop Jack has recovered from his exciting adventure! xx

  3. Well you certainly spoiled him with those gifts, I love the cup cakes, great for a special occasion !

  4. What lovely gifts, well done.
    I was in Tollesbury yesterday, and spotted Bradwell power station as I drove along the road

  5. beautiful keyring & those cakes look yummy!


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