Friday, 18 June 2010

I can crochet!!!!

I seem to have been AWOL again this week, I always seem to be busy but not necessarily in a crafty way!!! Tompom has dropped his daytime nap so that means daytime crafting has dropped to zilch although i have managed to do a small amount of crafting on my swaps in the evening. Bex and El over at Stuffed Nonsense are being ever so patient as I am terribly behind with my A Little Bit Greener swap. I'm also on the PTA committee at school and its coming up for the summer fayre so I've been busy selling advertising spaces for our flyers!
It hasn't been all work and no play though as on Wednesday though I had a fab day learning how to crochet. I attended a beginners crochet course at Franklins, met some lovely people and brushed up on my skills. I had only ever been able to do chain stitch as a child and lately have been coveting all your blogs on granny squares and flowers, so when I saw this one day course I thought I would grab the chance to learn some new stitches. The picture below is not what I made (I wish) but what we should be able to make once we have acquired our new skills.
Sandy our teacher for the day took us through the basics of holding the yarn correctly, and initially I couldn't decide whether to crochet left or right handed, but finally settled on holding the yarn with my leading left and the crochet hook with my right hand. We then practised our chain stitches before progressing onto double and treble chain stitch.

Above is one of the lovely ladies that I met on the course and hopefully we will all be back in July for the next course to learn more stitches and catch up on what we have been crocheting..

Here's just a couple of shots at my first attempts, I really used the day for practising my new skills and perfecting the tension in my stitches as I found that the first row was the most difficult to get right. I chose a lovely shade of green for my wool but can't decide whether to make a bag or a scarf, think I need a bit more practise first as I my work keeps decreasing at the end so I think I'm not crocheting the last stitch...

I did find a beautiful crochet book as some inspiration for the future and it's on my Christmas wish list, although I may just have to borrow it from the library first , just for research - obviously!!!!
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  1. Well done you!! I found that crochet was really hard to begin with and I kept having to put it down and pick it up again another time, my mum also helped me a lot too, still does actually! Then suddenly one day I just did it, I crocheted all day long - it was amazing!!! Have you seen this blog Its a really greaat crochet blog with some excellent tutorials. Justine xx

  2. Always great picking up something new, opens up a whole new section of the haberdashers to browse! I'm still in the can't crochet club, for now ;)

  3. I am struggling with crochet - its just not coming naturally with me. I shall try again sometime as I really want a granny square blanket made by me.

  4. Well done on the crochet - I have to agree with Vintage Vicki - it's not coming naturally to me, but I am determined to learn!

  5. I haven't crocheted since I was a little person but I used to enjoy it though my creations were a little random I imagine.
    Looks fab.
    Good luck.
    Fiona @ Christals Creations

  6. I recently wanted to crochet so I taught myself to make granny squares following tutorials on youtube. If you get stuck have a look on there I found it really easy to follow someone else.
    Kandi x

  7. It took me months to get the hang of crochet (hope that doesn't discourage you!) but then suddenly it all came together. No stopping me now!

  8. Oo I have tried twice to crochet and each time it just goes a bit pear shaped. loving the little crocheted flowers. soon you'll be whipping up granny square blankets. Just a little jealous of your talents xx

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