Friday, 25 June 2010

Thank You

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that left a comment about my learning to crochet and yes lots of you are so right, I do think it is something I will need to practice before attempting a big project. So it's going to be little and often with the hook and yarn for me....before I jump in at the deep end to make one of these..
This lovely blanket was made by Red Gingham and if, like me, you find that a busy life, husbands, kids, dreams and desires mixed with blogging sometimes makes for a hectic life then pop over and have a quick read. I think it sums us all up at sometime or another - the general juggling of life and how to handle all your balls at once!!! and with all the pangs of guilt that comes from being a wife and mother!!!
hope you all have a great day
P.S Justine - yes I have found attic 24's blog but i wasn't sure how to follow it as it is a typepad one - any advice as to how i do this would be greatly received!!!! and then I can sit back and swoon over her lovely creations!!!


  1. I learned to crochet about 40 years ago, but really haven't done much at all in the intervening years. started it again this year and making blankets as christmas pressies for my two bestest mates. thoroughly enjoying it as a change from knitting. just keep practicing, you'll soon get there xx

  2. Now you're asking!!I've got Attic 24 on my blog roll that's on my blog and so I find out from there when Lucy has updated her blog. I just double checked my blogger dashboard and Attic 24 is def. not in my reader list so I musn't follow it in the blogger way!!! Hope this helps, Justine xx

  3. I have just learned to crochet this week by following the video tutorials on 'Meet me at Mikes' they are very easy to follow, although for some reason I can not get the sound to work on the videos ! I have managed to make my first granny square though !

  4. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。.................................................................                           

  5. Oh how wonderful to see my blanket on your blog! It's my first crochet project. I tried learning by watching learn to videos on the computer and slowly worked it out. I found after having a play with grannies and then not crocheting for about 6 months, helped funnily enough. Suddenly it all came to me and I was able to crochet. Now I find grannies easy. That's all I can do though but really do enjoy it enough to find out more. It's lovely to sit in front of the TV and churn out lovely blankets. Well it will be some day! Good luck!! Oh and write all the steps down so you have them in front of you.

  6. Hi Mad - I recognised you from `Misi`!Well done on tackling the crochet. I used to do it a very long time ago and have only recently rediscovered it. Have you heard of `Ravelry`? They have all sorts of craft-related tutorials over there which you can follow and the folks are really nice too - just like here. If you add Attic24 to your `favourites` on your toolbar you can come and go on her blog at your leisure. Her tutorials are absolutely A1 for folks at any level and very,very easy to follow and her photos are almost 3D so it`s dead easy to know when you`ve made a mistake!Also, Google`s your friend if you just put `How to?`,followed by whatever it is you want to do e.g. Granny Squares...into the search`ll throw up a trillion examples, take your pick!

    Good Luck with your hook and yard and look forward to seeing the results.


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