Saturday, 13 November 2010

Autumn Swap Goodies!!! Look what I got......

I recently took part in a lovely Autumn themed swap and I was partnered with the lovely Justine over at Down to Earth with a Bump!!! (Fab title for a blog don't you think?) well Justine and I spent a little time getting to know each other better, finding out what we like and don't like (I seem to like it all!!!)
Justine was more organised than me when it came to sending off her parcel and I was trying to be extremely good as not to open it before I had sent off mine but it was half term and the kids were off so I didn't quite get my parcel off before Halloween and Justine hinted that I might want to open the parcel as there were a couple of Halloween goodies in there and they might not keep until next year!!! I didn't need telling twice and I ripped open the package and found these colourful tissue wrapped bundles.....
Firstly there was this gorgeous knitted scarf just right now that the weather has Justine was a bit worried about her craftiness but she shouldn't worry at all as the scarf is beautifully made and is just my colours.
Secondly we have the Halloweeny goodies - some halloween table confetti and some colour changing sherbet dips - needless to say the kids grabbed these and went off to find out if they could change the colour of their tongues!!!
After opening this next bundle I felt really bad as I hadn't put any chocolate into my parcel to Justine and she had put in a Divine bar of chocolate and boy oh boy it was Divine too!!! (Note to self - always add a chocolate bar or seven to your swaps!!!)
The Burts Bee's lip balm I had to hide from Rachel, but she did manage to get the pink lip balm I received in a previous swap - its amazing what constant whining can get you!!!
Now I do try and keep share all my swap goodies so the porridge oat bar was given to Paul and the Notebook Queen (aka Rachel) got the Notebook. I beginning to notice a pattern emerging here - Rachel does pretty well out of these swaps!!!

In the last bundle was a pretty Vintage Egg Cosy - which is far too pretty to go on my egg in the mornings and will be added to my collection of displayed swap goodies in either the porch or my workshop, and also some pretty Cath Kidston tissues again far to pretty for blowing my great big hooter into...... 
Here is a picture of all my lovely Autumn Swap goodies together before they were grabbed and squirrelled away.

I love swapping and am always amazed at the wonderful gifts that I have received so thank you Justine for been a brilliant swap partner and you can read about what Justine thought of my parcel (yes I did manage to send it of eventually!!) here.


  1. Thanks for joining in the fun - I'm glad that you enjoyed it!xx

  2. Great swap goodies, I love swaps too!
    Kandi x

  3. Great goodies! That scarf is beautiful and just the thing for this cold weather! :) x

  4. Lovely goodies - that scarf is fab! x

  5. The scarf looks lovely and soft. Never seen Jutsines blog before so I'm off to pay a visit.


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