Monday, 29 November 2010

Baby it's cold INSIDE!!!!

That's right folks we have no heating!!!!!!

I've been pestering Paul to light the fire in the living room for ages but we were a little concerned as Tompom is into everything and it would mean being extra extra vigilant with him, but yesterday he relented and we lit the fire and it was all lovely and cosy and then.......

the heating went off, first of all I didn't pay much attention as the thermostat is in the living room and the heating goes off if we light a fire but then when we turned up the thermostat and let the fire die down the heating still didn't kick this time is was late in the evening so I just turned on the bed warmers filled up hot water bottles and toddled off to bed to keep warm.

Today we have spent most of the morning on the phone talking to electrical engineers  about the boiler and apparently it's the pump that's gone and they can't come till tomorrow, so its been lots of layers today with  electric heaters, which some members of the family have hogged more than others!!!!

Fingers crossed we will be nice and cosy and warm come Wednesday afternoon as this cold weather is playing havoc with Paul's arthritis which is being made doubly worse because its so cold indoors too!!!!


  1. You poor things! Hope you get it fixed soon.

  2. eeek hope your heating is back on by now :-(

  3. Hope you are now sorted and warm. We are changing our boiler, it is still working but very old and hubby works away so he wanted to make sure it wouldn't break down on me. Alan has been having to leave the setting up of the new pipes etc, as people's boilers are breaking down and pipes freezing, he has been sorting them out first!!


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