Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Brown Stuff!!!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the freezing cold (brrr!!!) watching Jack play tag rugby for school. I had several layers on and it was still freezing, at least it wasn't raining though. The rain started on Monday and only stopped a few minutes before the tournament started. The kids looked absolutely frozen and added to that the pitch was a quagmire!!! Needless to say I had to take three very muddy and cold boys back to school!!! I did feel a bit bad as I was standing on the sidelines shouting encouraging words, as their hands and legs had turned that blue orange colour when they get sooo cold!!!
This morning I have very muddy kit to wash and Jack has the pleasant job of cleaning brown stuff off his boots!!!

Tompom also has a lovely new word that he uses at every given opportunity - can you guess what it is? -  Yes that's right is POO!

When someone does something he doesn't like they are POO!!

If you tell him off it's POO!!

And this morning Rachel tried to get him to say lovely instead of POO!! and now we have LOVELY POO!!

Right that's enough about the brown stuff for today I'm taking Tompom to toddler group (where hopefully he won't say POO too often) and then once he's asleep this afternoon I going to do some serious sewing!!!!


  1. I have just one thing to say...... Poo! Sorry, couldn't resist! Have a lovely day x

  2. Lol! It is so cold here today, we reached a freezing zero this morning!

    I do feel for kids having to do sports in such cold weather!

  3. Aww, kids are so funny, hope he finds a different word to sya rather than poo! :) x


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