Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Craft Jumble Bargains

Last Saturday Rachel and I ventured out in the rain and cold to go to a Craft Jumble at a nearby village, it was being held in the Village Hall and as the village is quite small I wasn't expecting it to be very busy. Well, you can imagine my surprise when we arrived and there were cars everywhere, we managed to find a parking space and popped in.
There were lots and lots of excited crafty people making the most of the bargains on offer. Here's what Rachel and I managed to buy between us for about £10
This little jars were too hard to resist, they are filled with what we thought were beads but now I'm not sure what they are. They are like bugle beads but without the holes, anyone have any ideas?
We bought frames and hoops and there definitely is a bird theme going on too.
Some lovely corduroy fabric which will be added to my stash.
And quite a few cross stitch magazines, I've been having a sort out of my cross stitch and probably didn't need to buy anymore magazines but there were some lovely patterns so I just couldn't resist.

Not a bad mornings work if I say so myself.......

Lot's to do this morning so I'll be back later with some more goodies for the Spring Giveaway.......
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  1. Wow!! what bargains!! and cheap magazines what more could you ask for :-) xx

  2. Great bargains - think I would have snapped up those jars too :) x

  3. Are the coloured bits in the jars plastic? If so they might be the stuff that you put in a wire frame and melt to make stained 'glass' type decorations? Sorry that is such a rubbish description!

  4. what a haul - well done, fab x

  5. WOW..what great jumble finds..well done to both of you!
    Hugs Clare@weekend crafter x


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