Saturday, 12 March 2011


Paul and Jack are in Cardiff today in anticitpation for tonight's game against Ireland in the 6 Nations, and to kill a bit of time they have wandered around the city and as we speak are on an open top bus being shown the sights and sounds of the City and it's castle!!!

Paul phoned to tell me that I would love Cardiff as he had seen lots of fabric and haberdashery stalls in the market and that he had just walked past this shop, just click on the picture to take a look....

Oh how I wish I was there!!!!!!

They sound like they're are having a fabulous time, having already watched Wales' under 20 team draw against Ireland last night they are hopeful for a win this evening.

Meanwhile I will remain jealous that I am not there and will watch tonights game on the TV
hoping that
a) Wales triumph over the Irish tonight for Jack's first International game
b) that I catch a glimpse on the boys in the stand!!!!

You never know I might get a few buttons too!!!!!!



  1. if they bring you home some buttons that would be a real bonus. fingers crossed.

  2. I know just what you mean, my other half went to the England Italy game at Twickenham and i was so jealous. Thanks for your comment and entering my giveaway.

  3. Wow, a button shop I could spend hours in there, you can never have too many buttons!! Lucey xx

  4. Ohhhhhh somewhere I would spend hours and dither over what to buy. How nice of them to let you know about it - hopefully they will bring you some samples back too.

  5. That shop looks lovely! Fingers crossed that they bring back some buttons for you! :) x

  6. What a lovely looking shop, I could waste quite a bit of time in there :) x

  7. Wow, having seen that I now want to open a button shop!!!! I will defiantly check it out next time I am in Cardiff!

  8. I've never been to Cardiff. It sounds fab. Hope they have fun x


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