Monday, 7 March 2011

Toothache, Birthdays and Giveaway Goodies

I apologise now for the lack of photos in this post but I woke up this morning at about 4am with roaring toothache!!! and after an emergency visit to the dentist I'm still in agony and although I'm booked in for next week to sort the problem out I think I shall be on the phone tomorrow begging them to see me asap.

Toothache on your birthday is not good!!!!!

I'm so glad that we went out yesterday for evening for something to eat as I would have been a right killjoy tonight and cancelled...we did have lovely time though and returned home suitable stuffed and very tired!!!

This morning I was treated to smellies from Rachel and Tomas and a book from Jack and some lovely cards that the postman brought.

I don't know about you though but I seem to have reached that age where I don't really need anything for my birthday, there's lots of things I want!!! and probably like most of you I tend to treat myself throughout the years to my wants..and then when it comes round to my birthday I feel that I buying something for the sake of it so because of this quandary I still haven't decided what I want!!! A snazzy new camera bag, I know I should make one myself but I saw a saying the other day about cobblers children always being unshod well I must be the only baglady without a bag of her own!!! Or a Sizzix Big Shot!!!! mmmm decisions decisions!!!!

Thank you to everyone that has entered my Spring Giveaway and there's still a little time left as the deadline is midnight tonight. My intentions of posting pictures of my goodies for day 6 and 7 have gone by the wayside due to this blasted tooth but I shall tell you that I have added a fat quarter of my favourite Micheal Miller fabric Springtime in Paris, and a fat quarter each of a co-ordinating cotton in pink, yellow, blue and green. I've also found some lovely buttons too and I shall add some photographs tomorrow of all the goodies together.
 I have also finished the handmade spring surprise gift too and will pop every one's name in a hat tomorrow and then announce the winner!!!!

Good Luck Everyone and thanks for taking part, I've really enjoyed putting all these Springtime Goodies together.

Right seeing as this blasted tooth is still causing my grief I shall try and get some sleep as I think I may be up early again tomorrow waiting for the dentist to open!!!!!


  1. Oh nightmare - toothache is not nice and on your birthday grr!!! Try to enjoy the rest of your special day and hope you are feeling better soon xx

  2. oh poor you, birthday girl, I do hope you manage to get it seen to early, toothache is THE worst pain, even worse than childbirth.
    sending good vibes your way x x

  3. Happy Birthday! - hope you get the toothache sorted.


  4. Bottoms missed you your last posts and giveaway :-( Hope you are feeling better very soon and that that pesky tooth gives you a rest. x

  5. HaPpY bIrThDaY ~ sorry its belated. Hope the toothache is either better or gone by know if you managed to get seen today. xx

  6. I I cant remember if I entered the lovely giveaway, if not, please can I .
    Hope tooth better soon and happy birthday
    Sue x


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