Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fabric Swap Goodies

Like many of you I signed up for the fabric swap over at Kandipandi's blog and was lucky to be partnered with Sandie from Sandie's Patch
After several emails and a good hunt through each other blogs we sent off our parcels. I'm not sure about you but I don't like to open a swap parcel if it arrives before I have sent mine (does that make sense!)So Sandie's parcel arrived on Friday and it took quite a lot of will power not to open up the package so on Saturday once I packed up the final pieces for Sandie and had been to the post office I returned home to open my long awaited parcel.
Here is what I found.....
two glittery fabrics which I will look forward to using nearer Christmas.

Three autumnal fabrics I love the floral one and am hoping to team it with the green and a lovely cranberry fabric to make a stripe quilt something (not sure what yet but definitely something!!!)

Lots of lovely bright fabric scraps - don't you just adore the Elvis flamingo!

Both Sandie and I mentioned a love of the seaside and I was thrilled to find lots of beach themed fabrics together with some delicate shell buttons.
Just look at the detail in this brooch it reminds me of a cloud with raindrops and I can't wait to wear it on my coat!!!
Since we had the new shower put in our bathroom I haven't had many baths (of course I have HAD a shower or two!) but I think that a lovely long soak may be on the cards to enjoy this bath fizzer.

Finally there was this bag of ribbons, beads, teeny tiny buttons and much more, with Rachel and Tompom helping me open this paercel they soon grabbed what they liked most. Rachel grabbed the "follow your dreams" ribbon and most of the larger jewellery beads for her bag (she has a green canvas bag, a bit like the cath kidston badge bag, which she is adding badges, buttons and ribbons to) and Tompom grabbed the letter beads as he is enjoying learning how to spell names at the moment. The rest is mine all mine!
So it just leaves me to say thank you to Sandie for being such a fantastic swap partner (you should get your parcel on Monday) and sending me such a lot of lovely goodies and thank you to Kandipandi for organising such a great swap.
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  1. That is good will power, not sure if I could resist opening a swap parcel!

    Lovely goodies, what a fab swap :)

  2. Wow! What a lovely lot of stuff in the parcel - I bet you can't wait to get started!

  3. I love your willpower! Wonderful things
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. I'm glad you liked your parcel...does this mean I can rip mine open as soon as it arrives? LOL! I wouldn't have had such discipline as you!


    Sandie xx

  5. Hi, im your newest follower, what a fab swap. Love your blog.

  6. wow I just love that brooch! It's so pretty and I agree it is rather cloud like! I need to seek out one of those for myself!

  7. You did very well there - what a lovely lot of swap goodies!


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