Monday, 29 August 2011

Tuesday Night Sew In

That's last Tuesday not tomorrow - there's no way that I'm that efficient....

Every Tuesday (well almost!) I have a Tuesday Night Sew In with my partner in crime Ruth,
 this was the inspiration for our first project.

It's been a major learning curve as neither of us have hexagonal quilted before and rather therapeutic too.
I have embarrassed my kids on several occasions by taking my tin of hexagons out in public.
This has been a work in progress for several weeks and sometimes more chatting occurs than sewing but last week we were on the homeward stretch (well Ruth was as I had forgot to make my hexagon flower).
My work is on the left and Ruth's is on the right
Because I hadn't finished my flower we made a start on sewing Ruth's cushion together.


how fab is that!

Not wanting to hold up starting on our next project I got to work making my hexagon flower and finished off my cushion too.
Here it is on the chair in the porch - now you can see why I went with a different colour scheme.
I did have a slight panic when in the final throe's of stuffing my cushion one of the patchwork squares frayed (I should have realised when I cut it that it would fray quite easily and used a wider seam but then hindsight is a wonderful thing) I managed to salvage this mishap with lots of awkward hand sewing. Phew!
I think Ruth and I are both very pleased with our cushions (I know I am)and have learnt lots by completing this project, we are now thinking about the next one and are hoping to find a Halloween themed something on the wonderful waste of time that is Pinterest!!!!

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  1. hey tracy, they are both great, well done to you both (and the pictures showed up first time too). I almost want to have a go myself, I'm getting a little stale on the old crocheting at the moment.

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog re keeping your threads :-) Love those cushions, I've just started having a go at patchwork with a kit I got from Kandipandi my little hexies are going ok, however I've only stitched 2 together (1 attempt at what could be whip stitch - lol - or fly by the seat of your pants stitch!!) Re: pinterest - are peoples houses really that tidy - I come off there quite depressed ;-) (mind you it still doesnt want to make me tidy up)xx

  3. Both cushions look fab.
    I think this could very well be my next sewing project!

    B xxx

  4. Love the cushions. I have yet to meet pintrest. :o)

  5. So, not just bags then?!
    Lovely cushion.

    Sandie xx

  6. Wow I love the cushion. You have now inspired me to drag my hexagons out of the drawer again!
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. Hi there, I was wondering if you could get in touch with me? I think we've been partnered up in OhSewBeautifuls cupcake swap :)
    Sue Xxx

  8. Hi and thanks for visiting Saturdays child and leaving me a comment. Yes please do join in whenever you can, i love seeing the way people interpret the rules of the challenge.
    Gill x

  9. what fab cushions, i love the colours you both used. I have done hexagonal patchwork in the past and its great fun isnt it.

  10. I love your cushions, I'm off to have a look at this 'Pinterest' that I keep seeing mentioned x

  11. I love the cushions; but especially your's!


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