Monday, 8 August 2011

Fabric Swap Extras

I completely forgot to mention the two books that Sandie kindly sent me in my fabric swap parcel and also the lovely handmade card.
I've never tried rag work before so shall be having a good read to find out more

Sorry Sandie and thank you!!!!

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  1. Glad you like them!
    I didn't make the card by the way, it was made by 'Lottie'a blogger friend, can't do the 'I made it' when I didn't LOL!

    My Parcel arrived on Monday...woo hoo! I see now why you commented 'great minds think alike' or something like that, it's late, I need to get to bed.

    Many, many thnaks for being a wonderful swap partner, I would be very happy to be your swap partner again!

    I would love to know where you get the Roses (pink and purple) from...just in case I feel the urge to purchase some more!


    Sandie xx

  2. Lovely books, and the rag wool one does look interesting & a great skill to learn. Thanks for your lovely comment earlier - in answer to your question about the wool, I bought mine on a website called Country Crafts which are quite good, they do have a good selection - hope this helps! Have a good rest of the weekend! Sarah x


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