Sunday 21 October 2012

A Cracker of a Swap

I've missed out on the last few Christmas swaps what with one thing and another so I thought I'd put together a little swap of my own.

This will be a nice simple swap because I know that lots of you will be busy making gifts for family and friends or getting your makes ready for all those wonderful craft events that take place before Christmas.

How it works


Each of us will be making a fabric Christmas cracker filled with goodies 

1) Take a kitchen roll tube (much roomier and nicer than a toilet roll!)

2) Fill your tube with goodies (you're be surprised how much you can fit in!) I think it would be great to include your favourite Christmas joke!

3) Wrap you filled tube in some lovely fabric and tie the ends with ribbon

4) Send your completed fabric Christmas cracker on it's merry way to your swap partner

5) Receive a gorgeous fabric Christmas cracker stuffed with goodies and a lovely piece of fabric too!


Suggestions to fill your kitchen roll

sewing and crafting goodies in the way of buttons, ribbons and threads, needles and pins, stickers, beads, charms and lots more

Christmas chocolates, sweets etc

pampering goodies like nail varnishes, bath bombs, soaps etc

something handmade (as long as it fits in the tube!)

key rings, brooches, earrings etc

A favourite Christmas joke

A favourite Christmas recipe



This swap is open to UK and overseas bloggers - please state whether you prefer UK or overseas

You don't have to have a blog to sign up but if you don't then I do need a contact email from you

Sign up before the 31st of October - I will then partner every one up and post partner detail with links/emails on the 1st November.

Last posting date for your Christmas cracker will be 1st December - if for any reason you can't make that deadline please let your partner know. 

Blog about what you receive and what you have sent so we can all see your wonderful goodies.
I will set up a flicker group and post the link when I have partnered everyone up.

Right, I think that's everything, if you have any problems during the swap then please let me know, but bear in mind that I am only the organiser of this swap it is up to you and your partner to swap details, likes and dislikes etc and to arrange a time to swap (by the deadline hopefully). I do understand that sometimes things happen and if for whatever reason you can't take part in the swap and need to pull out then please let me and your partner know, it's so disappointing not to receive anything!

okay so who's up for a swap then....

leave a comment below, don't forget if you don't have a blog then please leave a contact email

thanks Tracy xxx

P.S feel free to use my image in the sidebar on your blog to shout about the swap!


  1. Tracy you temptress - I just cant resist this super swap idea!

    Please count me in!


  2. And I am in too. Posting worldwide. Fabulous idea!

    Kimberley x

  3. Hi Tracy, nice to see you around again. I haven't done a swap for ages so count me in. Worldwide is ok with me.

  4. Hey Tracy! This sounds like great fun! I'd love to take part!

  5. Dear Tracy
    Please add me on to the swap and I'm happy to post worldwide. It's a great idea.
    Best wishes

  6. Thanks Tracy, sounds like a great idea, please count me in, Joy xx
    Worldwide is fine with me

  7. What a wonderful idea for a swap, please count me in :)
    Sue Xxx

  8. What a lovely swap idea! I'm in!!! Worldwide fine x

  9. Hi Tracy, sounds good!! Count me in please! (I should've sorted out my give away by then!!)

  10. This sounds lovely. Please count me -UK only but not Vintage Vicki as we 'real -life' friends so it would be a bit odd!

  11. Cool, Yep! I am up for this :)

  12. Hi Tracy
    What a fantastic idea. I'd love to join in. Worldwide is fine.
    Ali x

  13. I have just blogged all about your wonderful little swap!

  14. Oh you are wicked, that's a great little swap idea.
    Please count me in. I'm happy to post anywhere. x

  15. Please count me in too! I would like to post in the UK only.
    Jille x

  16. Hi! I've just found your lovely blog via Frugal Queen and have become a follower, i'm looking forward to settling down with some tea & toast now and having a good read! Please may I join in your swap, i hope that's ok as i'm a new follower? sounds great fun!
    Marina x

  17. I would love to be included in the swap! I will re-blog about this tonight :)

  18. hi there,what a great idea for a swap, would love to play too please!
    UK postage for me please

    Thanks BH x

    1. could I ask that the lovely Mrs C and I aren't partnered up please? Just we are friends outside of blogland and go shopping for craft bits and bobs and swap stuff together and we'd probably end up giving each other the same goodies!!
      Thanks, BH x

  19. Hi I'd like to do the swap too please :D UK only. My email address is:


  20. This sounds like a particularly wonderful Christmas swap and I'd love to participate. I live in Australia and will post my cracker anywhere. Email,

    Anne xx

  21. Oh that sounds like great fun. Can I join in please. UK only. Thanks Mrs C x

  22. Can I join in too please? Sounds like fun! UK only.
    Thanks, Lizzy x

  23. Hi there. Just popped over from Vintage Vicki. Would it be ok for me to join in too please? Some swaps are for handmade pressies and that's not my strength!
    Please could I post in the UK only.
    Thank you.
    Lisa x

  24. This sounds like 'cracking' fun lol I would love to take part and I am happy to post worldwide :0)

  25. I've been out of 'blogland' for a littlewhile but am hoping to be back more frequently now and would love to join your swap please, great idea and I hope I just made the deadline!! x

  26. Hello Tracy
    I am your newest follower and I've bloghopped over from Blueberry Heart. I'm a bit late but can you fit me in your swap? I'm a newbie to swaps I've done two to date and really love doing much fun and its great to get to know other blogger.This Christmas cracker swap sounds fantastic. If you can fit me in I'm a a Brit living in Spain so I'm international post friendly :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on my blog and I will try to answer as many as I can. thanks Tracy

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