Saturday, 20 October 2012

A very last minute make!!!

Last week a friend of mine asked me to make her "a very last minute make". 
"Can I have two personalised birthday banners by friday" she said. 
Always up for a challenge I set to work, this was very much a work it out as you go along kind of job, somethings were added some discarded but here is the finished result....

removable number heart (just need to make the other numbers!!!)

lots of hand embroidery

I love the effect of these layered yoyo's

and a birthday wouldn't be complete with a cupcake or two!

Because these were a work it out as you go kind of project my friend didn't really get to see them until she picked them up, thankfully she loved them and so did the girls -  result!!


  1. Dear Tracy
    10/10 for speedy and fabulous creativity! I am so please these were a success - they are lovely!
    Best wishes

  2. Super makes, and in such a short time too!


  3. Lovely banners - they are unusual
    Julie xxxxxx


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