Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cracker Swap

How are you all getting along with your Crackers?
I've received two of mine, Kimberley's I've already blogged about here and today I will be showing you what Bea sent me. I've sent off three of my crackers, Bea has received hers (you can read about it here), one is on it's way to New Zealand and the other is on it's way to Spain for Amanda, my final cracker for Betty will be posted out on Monday. Phew!! that's a lot of crackers!!!

Bea sent me a beautiful blue cracker crammed (and when I say crammed I don't think there was a millimetre of space left in that tube) full of wonderful goodies. As you can see Bea also sent me a cracker joke and a recipe for rocky road, I completely forgot to add these things to my crackers!!! doh!

Firstly there was a hand knitted mug warmer decorated with pretty pearls.

Then inside were lots and lots of packages

tiny Christmas tree buttons

red and white Christmas shapes

a teeny gingerbread man decoration

three seed stick books

the prettiest earrings

a bendy magnetic man

a reindeer peg

a teeny Christmas lady decoration

a star pendant

a charades dice game

a cross stitch Christmas tree and some wooden buttons

some variegated green thread

teeny tiny red bells

red puff stars and gold and silver card toppers

more buttons

and finally four pieces of patchwork fabric.
I told you it was crammed didn't I!
Here is a photo of all my lovely goodies together.

Thanks Bea for sending me such a crammed full of goodies cracker, now I forgot to take a photo of my crackers before sending them off but you can see what I sent Bea here
Don't forget to add your swap photos to the flickr group too xx


  1. Wow Tracy! - jam-packed I would say!!What a really thoughtful and generous swapper you had. I was really happy with my cracker too. Thanks so much Tracy for organising this lovely wee swap.x

  2. Wow tracy, what a generous bunch of ladies in this cracker swap, and isn't it amazing how much can be crammed into such a small space. I do hope you'll do it again next year - I would offer myself, but you have far more followers than me.
    Joy xx

    1. I know Joy it's been a wonderful and amazing swap and definitely something I would like to do again xx

  3. BTW I've just uploaded my photos onto the Flickr page, but so far only yours and mine on there. Another reminder needed, perhaps xx

    1. Hi Joy i've added a link to the flickr group in the post xx

    2. Will upload when I receive mine Joy, honest!! :)

  4. Wow that is one stuffed cracker :)

    I will upload my pics to Flickr soon but I know you've seen I've blogged about my swap :)

    Really enjoyed this idea - hoping it happens again next year ;)

    1. Hi vicki, i will definitely be hosting a Cracker Swap again next year xx

  5. My goodness, that is one PACKED cracker! How wonderful to have a TARDIS cracker- she gave you some beautiful articles!

  6. LOL. Cracker Tardis! It definitely felt like a game of cracker tetris! Such a fun swap and really surprising just what you can fit in a kitchen roll tube!


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