Monday, 10 December 2012

New Year's Knitting Resolution

The lovely Joy over at Welcome to Daisy Row recently blogged a review for a knitting book, 

there was also a chance to enter a giveaway for one of three copies of the book and I was lucky enough to win a copy!!!

My book arrived the other day and I have already read the first couple of pages all about the different yarns.
I am going to make my crafty new year's resolution a knitting one, as although I can do the basics it's one of the crafts I've always found difficult to master. I have always blamed it on being left handed but I don't think that's really the case!

I have quite a stash of wool to work with and with this book to guide me I'm hoping that I (and you) can see some progress in my knitting.

Thank you Joy for holding such a great giveaway. 


  1. Didn't realize you were a lefty Tracy, hope the diagrams in the book are easy enough to understand to switch round. Looking forward to watching your progress, Joy xx

  2. Great prize! I was taught to knit many moons ago by my very patient Mum, as I'm a 'lefty' too!! Haven't knitted for ages though, so I might join you in the new year Tracy!! :)

  3. Good luck! I am trying to master crochet! Perhaps you might find a knitting group like me? I don't quite know what to expect when I get there, but worth a try.
    PS my cracker swap arrived this morning, hope to blog about it very soon

  4. That looks like a lovely book. I just taught myself to knit little hearts for felting from a basic book - it's really relaxing knitting - I can't do anything complicated but think I will try and keep it up in 2013 too.


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