Friday, 7 June 2013

Busy Bee

Lack of blogging can only mean one thing - I've been a busy bee!
I can't quite believe a whole month has passed without me writing anything, I have been trying to read most of your posts so I haven't been out of the loop completely.

So what have I been up to..... Well on the crafting front I have made two HUGE beach bags and two matching drawstring wet bags.

A lovely bright summery paisley fabric.   

the inside with lots of pockets.

Beach huts fabric 

with a lovely co-ordinating stripe fabric for the lining.

These bags have waterproofed lined pockets on the sides for drinks bottles and the drawstring bags are lined with waterproof ripstop fabric too for wet swimwear.

Two personalised swim bags

and a cute messenger bag from fairy fabric

And over the past few days I have been making pirate outfits for Tomas and some of his friends for Treasure Island/Pirate day on Friday.

a green swashbuckling pirate

a pink girl pirate, the skirt is based on handkerchief/bandana style skirt that I found on Pinterest but adapted slightly, changing the wide elasticated waist band to a narrow covered waistband.

a black and red shiver me timbers pirate

and finally my very own Tongueless Tomas pirate.

There was lots of very excited pirates in school this morning and I picked up a very exhausted pirate this afternoon.

I also finished off a secret present today which I can't show you until next week when it has been received but I am rather pleased how it turned out!

We have also started working through our home decorating list starting with Tomas' room which hasn't been changed since he was a baby and really needed doing. So we emptied the room, selling any unwanted furniture on ebay to help pay for the new furniture which i had ordered to make the most of the special offer and had stacked in the garage waiting for me to put together. We then removed the old border, filled holes and rubbed down woodwork before going out to choose some paint. It seems that it has been some time since I bought any paint because I nearly fell over when having had my chosen paint made up I got to the check out and it was £40 odd for the emulsion and £20 odd pound for the gloss!!! I must be getting old! We also bought a huge tub of magnolia for the ceilings which was cheap in comparison. We live in an old Victorian house which is beautiful but has the drawback of single skinned wall (no insulation) and as Tomas has one of the only north facing external walls I lined it with polystyrene to add a little warmth. We also found some textured star paintable wallpaper which I used over the polystyrene. I'm just hoping that Tomas doesn't do what his older brother did and make lots of little marks in the wall with a tiger!! With all the prep work done, Paul painted the ceiling and I painted the walls and glossed the woodwork and the radiator. The next job was to order the carpet, just as we are leaving the house I realised I didn't have the room measurements so popped back in doors to get them. When I got back in the car I said to Paul "oh by the way I measured the hall stairs and landing carpet too." He just nodded and knew what was coming next, my logic was if the carpet fitter is here fitting one carpet then he might as well fit two!!! This did mean that I had to get two rooms finished before the carpet arrived and although it was tiring it was worth as the hall, stairs and landing definitely needed a freshen up and I needed a kick up the bum to do it!!
I haven't got any pictures to show you yet but I will take some as soon as the finishing touches are in place.
There is so much more to tell you but it seems I have rambled on long enough and It doesn't help that I have been writing this post over several days TTFN.


  1. My word, Tracy, you have been busy. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures of Tomas's room and the hall, staircase etc.
    Joy xx

  2. Dear Tracy
    No wonder you haven't had a chance to blog for a while! Talk about being busy...
    It will be great to see the finished home decorating projects too.
    Your bags are fantastic!
    Best wishes

  3. Wow, that's used a lot of energy! Decorating is not my thing, another being gardening. However, I've had to work in the garden twice in order to help my husband. I've been away three weeks and he's been away four weeks and the church garden party is due to take place here in our garden in two weeks' time!! Neither of us is a gardener, so this is a huge effort on our part! I think I'll have to sneak upstairs and do some sewing just to calm myself down! Where do you get your waterproof fabric??

  4. Wow, you have been busy! Love your beach bags and those wee pirate outfits are fab. Well done for getting the home decor done... I've got a whole list of things I keep putting off (need a kick here too!)
    Happy Sunday,

  5. Your pirate outfits re fantastic - lucky friends! Love the bags too. We are hoping to have floor sanders here in a month or two and will be ripping up bedroom carpets. Seriously need to do painting in bedrooms too. I have started getting rid of STUFF from the boy's rooms!

  6. I feel quite tired after reading this!! You have been very busy, it's no wonder you haven't had time to blog!! Love the bags and pirate outfits, and looking forward to seeing your finished 'decorating' projects! :)


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