Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Charity shop buys

Last week I met up with a friend and we headed off to Brentwood high street to see what the charity shops had to offer. Brentwood has become synonymous with the glitz and glamour of TOWIE but we did not venture into any of those shops or salons. The high street is a traditional long street which still has traffic driving up and down but the paths are nice and wide so you don't feel to close to the cars and buses. We parked behind the high street and walked through one of the alleyways and headed off to find the shops. After finding one charity shop and buying a few bargains we decided that a coffee was in order and found a Cafe Nero.

I don't normally drink coffee but my daughter is always going on about frappacinos and chocha mochas so i decided to try one. I also couldn't resist a pecan danish too nom! nom!
After our short coffee break we hit the charity shops again picking up a bargain or two. Here is what I bought.

A diet plate for £1.50 I'm hoping this will help me cut down on my portion size, although Tomas seems to think it's his plate!

A summery plastic jug for those summer BBQ 's (If we get a summer that is). This was £2.75

A picture frame for 75p

And a few Christmas stocking fillers a rugby book for 50p, a DVD and book for £2.50 and some sanctuary goodies for £5.99
Please excuse this next photo I like to keep behind the camera but its very difficult to take a picture of the dress you are wearing without showing your face (I could have smiled though I suppose) and please excuse my daughters bedroom!

This is a monsoon dress which I picked up for £4.50 I'm thinking of taking it up so its more of a tunic top so I can wear it with jeans or trousers.

So not a bad days shopping at all and it was lively to spend time with my friend too.

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  1. Can't beat a good CS shopping trip :)

    Love the dress - I tend to wear mine that length over trousers - does mean when it gets really warm I can go bare legged!! No chance of that today though :(

  2. Great finds, Tracy, love the plate and the jug, and YES, next time smile :-)
    Joy x x

  3. I love that dress Tracy. Gorgeous and a bargain!

  4. I love rummaging around charity shops, especially when you find bargains, and have coffee and cakes!! Lovely dress! :)

  5. There's nothing like a good charity shop find. Your dress is lovely.
    Patricia x


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