Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Question Time???

I hope you all survived the winds and rain of the storms yesterday, we took a few precautionary measures in the garden,

  • putting away anything that was likely to blow away
  • making sure the animals were safely snuggled up and warm
  • weighted down the trampoline with a huge rugby tackling bag
  • kept our fingers crossed that all the trees in the garden would survive
I think we were lucky as all the trees are still standing and other than a garden full of leaves (Tomas and I will be out there later with a rake each!) we haven't had any damage.

We were supposed to meet up with friends yesterday but thought it would be safer to stay indoors as many of the roads were blocked with fallen trees and I just didn't want to drive in the strong winds. So it was a day of games, (computer ones and board ones), jigsaws, colouring and for Rachel revision!!

Today is one of those bright, sunny but a little chilly autumn days and I hoping to get out in the garden later and have a tidy up and pop some last minute bulbs into some pots to add a little colour in the springtime.

So what's does my title mean then, well I have a couple of questions for you relating to blogger........

1) replying to comments - we all love it when followers leave us a comment on our blog and I do try and reply to as many as I can, BUT, and here is one of  my question, 

is it better to reply by email (for those of you with no reply blogger email addresses see question 2)

do I reply using the reply box after the comment and hope that the person who left the comment pops back and sees it (is there anyway or be notified that your comment has had a reply) There seems to be lots of questions in this question!!

2) Are you a no reply blogger?
Up until now I have been using the email way of replying to a comment BUT sometimes I can't reply as the return email address is no reply@blogger which means that if I do reply the email just disappears into the ether and never reaches its destination. Now I know many of us want to keep our details safe on the internet but if you are a blogger and like to leave comments and would like a reply but wonder why you never get any it may just be your settings or you might not have even realised you are a no reply blogger. There are some really good blog posts about changing your settings to receive emails and your email address isn't shown it just says "email" under the contact part of your profile. I just searched "no reply blogger" on google but here are a couple of links to some blogs that seemed to explain it quite well HERE and HERE.

Hopefully between us we can find the answers or solutions to these questions. 


  1. If I wish to reply to comments I do so by email, unless to a "noreply" blogger, then I reply to their comment on my blog and just hope they come back to read it. I guess they might, I always do if I ask a question that requires an answer and I haven't heard any other way. Pleased to hear you still have all your trees, guessing it was a bit scary while the winds were strong. Joy xx

  2. Firstly glad to here that you were untouched by the storm. I tend to do a bit of both, like Joy, just because some people are no reply bloggers. Then sometimes I think do people expect a reply. I really don't and if people reply on their blog I don't generally pop back until they post again and I don't always check if they have replied. Although I'm always chuffed when someone has taken the time to reply back. Sorry don't think I was much help there : )
    Ali x

  3. The power of three prevails, I am with Ali and Joy on this. Most of my comments come from no reply bloggers so I leave a reply under their comment. The ones who have an email address get an email and a comment if I think that other readers may be interested. Sometimes i post a reply comment on their blog, it just varies.

  4. I always look back on the blog if I've asked a question. On my own blog I post a reply for all to see. I don't use the email option because even if it only displays in your profile as 'email' as soon as you click to send an email your full email address is displayed.

  5. Glad you had no lasting damage. As for the comments/reply question....I either return reply by email or pop over to the person's blog and leave a 'thank you'. Not everyone will pop back to your blog and check whether you've left a comment to their comment!.

  6. I can't seem to use your email contact as it requires setting up a Microsoft a/c which I can't do on this computer however, I agree with Nana's response, by the way I will post partners for the swap on the weekend 0 thanks for joining in - Betty

  7. I have the comment delivered to me email box and answer as a personal email
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


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