Sunday, 6 October 2013

We're going on a conker hunt.......

On Saturday we headed off down the lane to find conkers. It's become a tradition, of sorts, to collect this huge bucket of conkers which even the older two still enjoy. Here are a few autumnal sights we saw along the way. 
These oak leaves changing colour. 
Crunchy leaves and shiny conkers. 

I found an old jam making pan in my Nan's garage which makes a much nicer conker collector than a plastic bucket!
Double conkers or 'bums' as we like to call them. 
I do like finding the conkers still in the spiky cases. 
Tomas find a teeny weeny conker. 
A bucket full of conkers I have no idea what we are going to do with them all!
I couldn't resist the chance to take a few more photos as the children headed back to the house. 
Our lane still looks pretty green but it won't stay like this for long. 
We also found a few pine cones to add to our bounty. 

And finally I found these 'fun guys' in the garden. 
I hope you enjoyed our conker hunt I do so live autumn and can't wait for more photo opportunities. 


  1. Your autumn photos are gorgeous. I still love finding conkers even though I'm far to old to be hunting for them. I will never look at double conkers in the same way again, from now on they will always be known as bums :)
    Ali x

  2. Lovely pics Tracy! I'm doing Autumn pics at the moment as well, but I have yet to find a conker tree until I go to the woods!! I love the mushrooms....I bet they're not the eating kind??!! :) x

  3. Are you allowed to say "bums" on a blog post :-)
    Joy xx

  4. Snap - I've just come back from foraging in the woods for acorns, conkers and rusty looking leaves. Didn't get as many as you as I just want to make an Autumnal table decoration and one for the fireplace. Looks like you had fun too.
    Patricia x

  5. Gorgeous - my favourite time of the year - we came home with pockets bulging full of conkers several times this autumn :)


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