Saturday, 4 January 2014

A trip to the library…….

We use our local library quite a bit, borrowing, reserving books online and making use of the facilities.
This morning we had to go and collect some reserved books and I found these whilst I was browsing the shelves.

The first one I hope will have some handy tips to keep the clutter of 5 people at bay.

The yoga book, (there was a pilates book too but that seems to have ended up in the pile for the rest of the family and wasn't photographed) to help with feeling good.

The food books to help eat the right foods at the right time, no more late night snacks for me!

And finally a couple of crafting books, the quilting in no time one is an all time favourite which I can't resist if it is on the shelves and a crochet accessories book full of small projects.

They should keep me busy for a little while, although I do have to remember to add alert to my phone for the renewal date otherwise it can end up costing the price of a book to return them!! 


  1. Happy reading. Good luck with the decluttering - that's definitely on my to do list this year as I still have all of Ced's collections to dispose of - currently filling the two spare bedrooms!

  2. Hi Tracy, remember the good old days, when they used to stamp the return date on the sheet at the front? Enjoy your reading, if you can find time!
    Joy x x x

  3. Yes I also have an alert to remind me. They do issue a separate receipt with the date on, but do you think I can ever find it?
    Patricia x

  4. All looks very healthy! I am one of those who look at all the pictures then do not a lot!

  5. I use my library a lot too, I don't understand why more people don't use it too! Happy reading!

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Love the look of the top one do share any tips please. xx

  7. We use our library too. There is a stamped page just inside, but I made the mistake of forgetting how many books I had and left one behind which cost me 50p for 3 days late! I've been de cluttering too - loads of clothes have gone cause I have grown wider! Also cleared out lots of craft stuff and given to a lady who makes charity cards - first good deed of the year.

  8. I love the quilting in no time book too! I'm hoping that this year is the year of the quilt for both of us! xx

  9. Oh heck, decluttering!!!!! All good reads Tracy!!! You stopped reading my Christmas posts, do you hate me after my revelation???? X

  10. Tracy I had declutter a few days ago which involved clearing out the attic. I find it really liberating getting rid of stuff I have not used for an age. Some things such as family photos will make there way to my sons house and the rest has either gone via freecycle or to the charity shop.

  11. A librarian here who rarely goes to one as my overdue fines are bad.... I buy books instead. (cheap in England compared to NZ!!) have a good pile already bought this yer for school - I probably spend around £6000 on books a year for school and home... Especially when I am lucky to get grants for school.
    A great pile you have there - good pile by my bed but with university reading, not much else being read!


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