Monday, 13 January 2014

Send a Little Love Swap Partners

Grrr! Just wrote this whole post and when I went to add the links it had disappeared. Second time lucky, what I tried to say was.......
Sorry that this post is a day late but Rachel has been busy revising on our main computer and by the time she is finished I'm just ready to sit down (okay I've actually been sitting down for a while!) and watch Celebrity Big Brother and when that's over it's time to go to bed. Tonight was going in the same vein and although its a lot easier writing linked posts on the computer I am now safely ensconced on the sofa in front of CBB with the iPad. I also knew you would all be wanting to know your swap partners and get busy creating your swap parcels.
So without further ado here are the partners

PJ and Crafty in the Med

Leeanne and DosieRosie

Melanie and Ellie

Lizzy and Graham's Landing

Kimberley and Busy Little Chicken

Cat and Gilly

Elaina and Lisa

Kiwi at Heart and Tracy

Joy and Simply Vintage

Helen and Karen

Jille and LindyLaine

Pene and Sandies's Patch

Phew!! I resorted back to the main computer as the iPad just wasn't happy with all that copying and pasting, hopefully all the links are fine but if there are problems just shout.

Once you know who your swap partner is pop over and say hello and start getting to know each other and let's get creating to send a little love around the world xx

P.S talking of swaps, kimberley over at Creative Chaos is organising a Share Your Country Swap so pop over to her blog and find out more...


  1. Good luck to you all. Look forward to seeing what happens here Tracy.

  2. Awrsome just poped over elainas blog.
    Hugs x

  3. Thanks for this :) will go away on holiday and once I return it will be straight into it

  4. So excited about this. Thanks so much! Elaina xo

  5. Thanks Tracy, will pop over to Kimberley tomorrow! I'm already a follower on her blog, so all good!! : )

  6. Hello Tracy.....Thats good as I'm already a follower on PJs blog ....I've just contacted her

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. Thank you Tracy for arranging this. Looking forward to seeing everyone's swaps. Best wishes, Pj x


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