Saturday, 6 December 2014

Advent - Day 4,5 & 6

I'm already playing catch up and we have even finished the first week!!!

Late night shopping and a lack of light are my excuses.

Day 4

Tomas' Book Advent 
This year I decided to put together a book advent for Tomas, so I collected all our old Christmas books and then went on a hunt around the charity shops and ebay to pick up a few more. 
It has been lovely to read some old favourites and I'm looking forward to finding some new favourites too. And it appears that you can never be too old for a Christmas Book Advent as Rachel and Jack are a bit jealous that they didn't get one too! "We only get a chocolate advent" is all I have heard.

Day 5

Christmas Pudding

Now I'm normally the only one who likes or eats Christmas Pudding in our house, and I'm quite particular about what sort of pudding I like, it has to be crammed full of fruit and nuts and it does have to be set on fire and covered in cream. Sometimes I've been a little disappointed by the choice of pudding that Mr Mad About Bags brings home from the shops (he does the food shopping), no nuts, a basic single tiny pudding, but not this year, this year we have a jewelled fruit christmas pudding, lets hope it lives up the expectations! And apparently I've got to share (humph!)

Day 6

Morning Frost

The last few days have been so grey and miserable but this morning there were blue skies, a bitter wind and a frost on the ground, cue me rushing out into the garden in my PJ's to grab a quick photo before the sun disappeared.


  1. Phew, I've caught up now. Love your book Advent idea.

  2. I love the advent book idea - think I'll do one for my grandchildren
    Don't worry about not keeping up its only for fun
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I'm the only one in our house who would eat pudding, so I dont usually bother unless we have company. Please can I pop round yours for a small serving x x

  4. It is my other half who is the pudding eater, so we'd only get a small one to satisfy is festive nibbling needs, but now my boys have got the taste for them too so we now have to get a much larger pud, however, my other half seems to get less and the boys scoff the lot!

  5. I was going to join this Advent challenge but I had a sneaky feeling I wouldn't find the time to post every day. I'm enjoying reading though. I'm the only one that likes Christmas pudding here. Such a shame as it means I'll just have to finish it off all by myself!! :))


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