Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cracker Swap 2014

I hope you have all enjoyed the festivities, we had a wonderful christmas and have now hit that lull that happens between christmas and new year when you aren't really sure what day it is and you haven't been out of the house (or your pyjamas) in days!!!
I came down with the dreaded christmas cold on boxing day and today I have lost my voice, which some would say is a blessing, whilst I'm finding it just, well, inconvenient!

I've also started a new project, I know I shouldn't have as I have far too many unfinished projects as it is, but I picked up this cross stitch kit in the charity shop for £5 just before Christmas and I promised to make it for Paul.

I've also been thinking about new year's resolutions, nothing too major but just some little tweaks and  some stash busting sewing! I will be revealing all on the 1st of January.

*****Cracker Swap 2014*****

Thank you to everyone that took part in this year's cracker swap I've really enjoyed seeing all your crackers and I hope that you have enjoyed taking part.
 I was partnered with Kerry from Blueberry Heart and Glenda (who doesn't have a blog but loves to take part in swaps)

This is what Kerry from Blueberry Heart sent me.

A lovely traditional red festive fabric wrapped cracker

It's amazing how much you can fit in one of these tubes!

I tried to convince my boys that the brussel sprout chocolates actually tasted of brussel sprouts so that I didn't have to share but they weren't convinced!

I love the button heart and the little mistletoe kisses heart

Tomas decided to peg this little fella on the tree.

And this tea light candle smelled deliciously of Christmas!

Thank you Kerry for such a fabulous swap.

Glenda's cracker travelled all the way over from New Zealand.

The cracker was wrapped in this very festive green and gold christmas fabric with added decorations. 

and was crammed full of goodies!

Inside were these delicious treats which didn't last long at all.

A foxy rubber and some beautiful butterfly magnets

Some festive nail varnishes and christmassy embellishments.

This little fella is so cute and has been added to my keys.

I'm getting used to using my handmade dishcloths now, (I was very much in the camp that they were too nice for washing up!) and I have a growing collection, this one is super soft.

And finally some vintage goodies.

Thank you Glenda for being a wonderful swap partner.

Now in my mad last minute rush to get my crackers in the post I completely forgot to take any photos of the crackers that I put together for Kerry and Glenda, I'm hoping that they will take some photos and I can pop them on my blog sometime in the future.

I've added a little link list to this post so that you can share your cracker swap posts in one place xx 

just fill in your details below x 


  1. What a fantastic swap it was again this year!

    Hope you are soon feeling much better, I must admit to these in-between days being one of the best bit of the holidays!!


  2. What fantastic cracker swaps!! It is great fun taking part in these things isn't it. I hope you had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful new year! xx

  3. How clever to squeeze so much loveliness into a cracker. happy 2015. I hope you are feeling better very soon.

  4. Hope you feel better soon, lovely swaps as always. Have to say I hate this "limbo land" period as I call it. Roll on Thurs.xx

  5. Such lovely gifts :) It is such a good swap idea.

    The dreaded cold virus :( I've had it too thankfully before Christmas so it was all over and done with. I lost my voice too, it was awful, James thought it was hilarious though. I hope your feeling better soon my lovely.
    Must meet up again soon, feels like I've not seen you in ages.
    x x x


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