Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Santa Sack Swap 2014

Back in the summer I signed up for the Santa Sack Swap organised by Cheryll
This is a big swap which runs over six months so that you can get to know your partner and also to create either a stocking or a bag and fill it with 5 gifts the majority of which should be handmade.

I was partnered with Cynthia from America, we have emailed back and forth over the months getting to know each other and finding out our likes and dislikes and this is what Cynthia sent me.

I love the idea of all the presents being wrapped in fabric it's two gifts in one!

This is my bright and cheery stocking with added glitter.

 Inside I found these two cute little star decorations.

 I love these little red work christmas decorations,

and these delicate angels in their crochet fairy dresses.

 Two more cotton dishcloths to add to my collection.

Some delicious chocolates that were quickly eaten,

and two tea towels with holders that fit perfectly on my oven door.

Thank you Cynthia for a wonderful swap and thank you to Cheryll for organising it.

You'll be amazed to know that I actually took photographs of what I made and sent to Cynthia, I know shock and horror!

In our emails I quickly realised that Cynthia loved her dog and fairies so that is the route I decided to go down. Now if I'm perfectly honest I didn't start on these back in June, I had plenty of ideas, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest researching more ideas, changed my mind a lot and finally starting sewing in October/November!! 

I didn't have the right fairy fabric in my workroom as mine are all a bit child like, so I went fabric hunting on Ebay and found this gorgeous christmas fairy fabric from Michael Miller with gold accents, which I don't think you can see in the photos. Cynthia asked for a bag so I made a shaped tote lined with gold silky fabric.

Continuing with the fairy theme I managed to pick up this pretty beaded fairy charm at the local christmas handmade fair.

and a christmas fairy door from Rachael's Fairy Doors on Facebook.

I've also recently joined a Christmas Swap group on Facebook, where crafters can swap talents with each other and I swapped one of my cushions for a felted christmas fairy.

Here are all the fairy themed gifts.

I really wanted to make something for Cynthia that was about her love of her dog Digby and I have always wanted to try my hand at red work embroidery so I found some inspiration on Pinterest and created this little wall hanging, and the little scotty dog key ring was from another swap on Facebook.

Cynthia's dog Digby could not be left out on the swap as he is such a big part of Cynthia's life so I made him a stocking all of his own with some brown fleece, cream suede and a cute dog fabric that I had in my workroom and if you look closely the golden coloured dog in the middle looks a bit like Digby!

 I had enough fabric left over to make a poop bag holder and a fabric hanging heart.

I had to include some treats as I'm sure Digby has been a very good boy this year!

I have really enjoyed getting to know Cynthia and receiving my gifts all the way from America, and I have really enjoyed putting together this Santa Sack Swap, there were times when I really didn't think I would get it all finished!

Cheryll is also organising a Valentine Heart Swap sign up closes on the 31st of December so pop over and join in.


  1. Wow! what wonderful gifts
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Lovely gifts Tracy both given and received. Love the dog stocking, that is sooo cute. And what a great idea are those tea towels, genius x x x


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