Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas Card Swap

In December I took part in a really easy but lovely swap organised by Amy over at Love Made My Home.

The idea being that we would be partnered with another blogger, get to know each other and then send each other a Christmas Card.

I was partnered with Brenda at It's A Beautiful Life and after a small hiccup of not being able to see Brenda's blog because of the settings on my computer I was able to stalk find out more about Brenda and we emailed back and forth. 
You may have heard me mention Brenda's blog because I was reading her Restoring the Joy of Christmas booklet during Advent. Sorry I didn't quite make it to the end of your booklet Brenda but it is on my list of "to do's".
This is the card that Brenda sent me and she kindly including some extras too.

And here is a link to the post Brenda wrote about receiving my card as I completely forgot to photograph my card before sending it.
I've really enjoyed this swap as it has been lovely to find new blogs to read and to keep the card sending tradition going.
Thanks to Amy for organising and for Brenda for my lovely card.


  1. I followed Brenda through the Advent link! She's lovely. I like the card!x

  2. Sorry to be late! I am so glad that you enjoyed taking part in the swap and exchanging cards, it was good fun wasn't it! xx


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