Thursday, 7 January 2016

Thursday Treasures

Thank you to everyone that has signed up so far for the Send a Little Swap. 

There is still time to join in as the swap sign up closes tomorrow. You can either leave a comment on the Send a Little Love Swap post or leave a comment below. It's lovely to see some new bloggers taking part this year as well as lots of seasoned swappers.
(Do you see how I tried to avoid using the word old, I even had to use an online thesaurus to help me find a nicer word than old!!)

So what are Thursday Treasures I hear you ask? Well I'm hoping it will become a regular blog post as Mr Mad About Bags and I now have a new Thursday routine.
Mr Mad About Bags keeps canaries and there is a weekly newspaper for keepers of all things bird and it comes out on a Thursday. The newsagent that sells the magazine is next door to a charity shop. Can you see where this is heading!!
I do love charity shop shopping and this charity shop is a good one, the ladies are lovely and they always have lots of new things, the prices are good and they even mark things down week to week. I always seem to come out with one or two goodies (alright it's probably more than two!) and I thought I would start sharing them with you.
This is what I picked up this week

I have a real thing for picture frames but am really rubbish at actually putting photos and prints in them and hanging them on the walls but I'm planning on changing that this year. What this space! I recently picked up about 14 glass jars from a local selling page and have used some as savings jars for Rachel, she has plans for the other to make gifts for her friends for next Christmas and I'm also looking forward to getting to grips with my Cricut cutting machine to decorate them. So I couldn't resist these jars to add to the collection. I hoping to use the jar with shaped lid to store some cotton reels in my studio. The cake stand is really simple and I'm hoping to add a little something to it with some vinyl and my Cricut machine. And finally a new book to start once I've finished my current one. I'm probably a bit late coming to the Gone Girl party as I haven't even seen the film and had to google it to see who was in it!

So what do you think, are my rock and roll Thursday activities too much to blog about on a weekly basis or would you like to see my Thursday Treasures?


  1. love to see Thursday Treasures. I think op shops (as we call them here) are a lot better in the UK than here. I've a growing pile by the front door to take to one...

  2. I would love to see your Thursday Treasures, Tracy (Tracy's Thursday Treasures). As I'm decluttering at the moment, I should do a post the other way - perhaps Daisy's Daily Donations?

    1. I like the sound of that! Pile growing by my front door too - trying not to be so sentimental!

  3. . . . and thankyou for calling me seasoned rather than old, I like to think of myself as maturing (dis)gracefully. Joy x x

  4. Love to see your Thursday treasures, but I am de-cluttering too!
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Thursday Treasures sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I like a good charity shop rummage too x

  6. Great treasures! I will enjoy seeing what you find and what you do with them! xx

  7. I quite like being called "seasoned"!!!! Go for Thursday I love charity shops xx

  8. Sounds great Tracy. Charity shop finds can be quite interesting I always visit them when I go back home to the UK. I had to google Cricut machine to find out what it is as I've never heard of it before. I watched the video and it is fascinating! It is great to have crafty objectives.....enjoy!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  9. Hi Tracey, love your charity shop finds! I can't resist going into a charity shop (or 5!) when I'm in town! Sorry I'm too late for the swap, would've joined in, but missed the date!! As per usual!! :) x


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